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It’s time for our third and final installment of Revolution presentation videos! In our first release, speakers discussed how to create a 1-to-1 experience with a solid strategy and inspiring content/creative, and in our second collection, presentations centered around adapting to the new martech ecosystem and using the Emarsys platform to do so.

In today’s edition, leaders from partner and client brands share insights on email marketing, personalization, and automation. Gather ‘round, and enjoy!

Adapting to (and Adopting) New-Age Email Marketing Ideas

Is email dead — or is it dying? What happens on the way to the inbox — who sees an email after the sender sends but before the recipient receives? Which email metrics really matter, what do Microsoft and Gmail truly care about, and what are the tricks to get you a higher inbox placement rate?

Email specialists Dan and Priyanka from Return Path share the answers to these questions (and examine a few brand examples, including Netflix) in their presentation.

Video #1: Customer-Centricity in Email Marketing: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Key Takeaways:

  • Hidden metrics → inbox placement (reputation), messages read (subscriber contentment), messages forwarded (email value), and more are all important to look at and will reveal subtleties among subscriber preferences.
  • Achieving personalization, as Priyanka describes, can make everything work when done correctly; but neglecting it (or being creepy) can break valuable customer relationships.
  • Email still produces the strongest ROI when compared to any other channel. Due to email’s popularity, the inbox has become the marketer’s battlefield where the everyday challenge is to boost deliverability, get into and stay in the inbox, and increase engagement.

Video #2: The Journey from Batch-and-Blast to Personalized Emails

You may find it surprising to learn that 94% of brands do not personalize their emails! Kickdynamic’s Matt Hayes and Jordan Sawyer discuss their recipe for successful email marketing automation, personalization, and relevancy.

Key takeaways:

  • Why do brands stick with batch-and-blast emails? The BAU (business as usual) loop stifles innovation. Lack of time, content changes, stock and availability fluctuations, and plain laziness all inhibit a brand’s ability to personalize email at scale.
  • Kickdynamic’s foolproof (and easy) approach to email marketing means leveraging automation to move from mass emails, which aren’t personalized, to more engaging, relevant, rewarding emails that contain live content tailored for each customer.
  • Kickdynamic’s clients have achieved amazing results, including 300% uplift in revenue of Live products, 52% AOV increase, and 33% conversion from email.
twitter Brands stick w/ batch-and-blast when stuck in a BAU loop – but this status quo inhibits their ability to #personalize #emails at scale, as @Kickdynamic explains        CLICK TO TWEET

Enhancing the Online Shopping Experience Through Automation & Personalization

Video #3: Reclaim Your Time with e-Commerce Automation: Using Shopify Plus

We’ve all been there… staying up late to push a product live, launch a campaign on time, or pull together a report manually. In their session, Tim Sumner and Anna Bray from Shopify Plus teach us how to reclaim our time using e-commerce automation (and offer brand examples from Saski Collection, Interline, Frankies Bikinis, Gymshark, and more).

Key takeaways: 

  • Time is our most precious commodity, and all-nighters do NOT scale! We can’t let time go to waste doing manual tasks. Instead, we must apply e-commerce automation tricks to save time and money and increase revenue.
  • Learn about using the Shopify platform — including triggers, conditions, actions, and more to optimize your e-commerce business with automation.
  • Use automation to simplify execution (planning everything throughout the year), drive higher conversion rates (due to a better CX), and monitor in real time (before, during, and after campaigns).

Video #4: Enhance the Digital Experience, Delight Shoppers, & Drive Revenue with Rich Onsite Content: Zmags

Zmags exists to challenge the process between content creation and publication.  Their Director of Business Development, James Hawkins, discussed the best way to delight shoppers and drive revenue with rich, engaging content.

Key Takeaways:

  • An “experience” is both an event or an occurrence which leaves an impression or feeling on someone. With content, we can leverage both parts of that definition to truly delight online customers. By creating great content, putting it in front of shoppers on the customer journey, letting those shoppers choose the way in which they experience that content, and using tech to scale, the digital experience can be enhanced.
  • Online shopping isn’t always easy, but it should be! Choice paralysis and shortened attention spans can actually deter shoppers from converting online. Strive for an effortless customer journey with guided discovery, a smooth experience with content (while allowing the customer to choose), a continuation from social media, and a seamless email-to-onsite journey.
  • The typical content creation process in retail consists of designing, developing, and releasing. Using Zmags’ “creator” tool, you can produce dynamic content and publish it to your website without writing any code. It’s this process of automation and using technology to scale that will propel you into the future.

Video #5: How Automation & Personalization Turned Offline Mail into One of the Most Powerful CRM Channels: Optilyz + Poster XXL

Are you thinking outside of the box when it comes to your CRM strategy? In their presentation, Optilyz’ team is talking about letters and postcards! Direct mail has a 3.7% average conversion rate across industries and across use cases, making it a highly profitable CRM channel within the customer journey. But how do we keep it relevant? The answer: the future of direct mail lies in personalization and automation.

twitter “With direct mail – letters & postcards – you don’t need opt-in under #GDPR, plus, conversion rates are really high at 3.7% across the board,” says @robrebholz       CLICK TO TWEET

Key Takeaways:

  • As Rob Rebholz alludes to, direct mail is the only remaining channel that is virtually without restriction — sending mail to prospects and customers requires no opt-in under GDPR regulations. It’s highly profitable and has the potential for long-term impact.
  • Running direct mail independent of other channels is not a viable option for high-performing marketing organizations. Poster XXL went from trial to full-scale integration of its direct mail program, for example, in one year. The German retailer used RFM modeling, a machine learning model (segmentation), and omnichannel integration to completely integrate direct mailers within its larger strategy.
  • Direct mail can complement other event-based physical touchpoints. Direct mail doesn’t have to be an isolated channel. Print can fit into a larger omnichannel journey, thanks, in part, to modern martech as well as AI.

Wrapping Up Emarsys Revolution 2018

This year’s revolution event encapsulated several themes that marketing is heading toward or experiencing now: overcoming “empty software” with technology that makes you better,  the value of achieving personalization at scale, and how e-commerce brands can incorporate both as part of an encompassing omnichannel strategy. Check out all of the Revolution session videos and gather loads of insight from today’s highest performing e-commerce leaders.

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