Which is more fun: A) listening to a physics lecture, or B) playing with bouncy balls and measuring bounce height to see the real results of potential and kinetic energy? 

If you answered B, this article is for you. 

Although we can’t show you marketing software actively delivering personalized omnichannel messages to customers, what we can do is share the real results that marketers are achieving.

Chloe and Danielle are marketing leaders who are continually honing their craft so they can scale their business, increase retention, and drive revenue. Dig into their stories, see the real outcomes they’re achieving, and take away the inspiration to grow.

And remember: Do try this at home. Or rather, try it at work!

BEAUTY PIE: How to Make Scaling Your Marketing as Easy as PIE

Based in the UK, Beauty Pie uses a subscriber model for their high-quality beauty products, eliminating mark-up and passing on the savings to their members.

Because the brand uses a membership-based business model, retention is vital to the success of their business. The marketing team uses automated customer journeys to keep their members engaged, leaning heavily on segmentation to speak to different types of members in the most effective ways. 

Hear what Chloe Pepper, Senior Email & CRM Manager for Beauty Pie, has to say about taking a data-driven approach to marketing:

“We’re still very much working like a start up. So a lot of change, having to adapt and really get to really achieve scalable growth. I think one of the benefits of working with Emarsys is the amount of data that’s being pushed in that can really help us personalize that customer journey based on the type of membership you’re buying. And really make sure that ‘right person, right message, right time’ marketing approach is achievable through data and segmentation.”

Chloe Pepper, Senior Email & CRM Manager, Beauty Pie
Chloe Pepper
Senior Email & CRM Manager, Beauty Pie

Personalization tokens are also a big part of the brand’s strategy. Using Emarsys, Beauty Pie is able to calculate individual member data to inform members about exactly how much money they’ve saved through their membership. Additionally, tokens come in handy for automatic notifications reminding them of their spending limit, while also including content personalized for them based on how much they have to spend. This targeted communication makes shopping convenient and highly rewarding for customers. 

These are just a few of the tactics Beauty Pie is using — check out the complete customer success story for the full scoop.

Chloe has some advice for marketers who are looking to personalize their marketing: “Start small, and then you can really scale up as you see the benefits of personalization and the data-driven approach.”

And as for the results of these strategies, here’s what Chloe has to say: 

“In terms of the overall impact, I think the numbers speak for themselves. We’ve scaled our automations, we’ve scaled processes, and we are seeing benefits of taking that more automated approach to our communications. They deliver obviously a higher return on investment for us. So we’re really looking forward to scaling this further and working with Emarsys to develop our CRM roadmap going forward on what we can work on and rebuild upon in the next 6 to 12 months and beyond.”

Chloe Pepper, Senior Email & CRM Manager, Beauty Pie
Chloe Pepper
Senior Email & CRM Manager, Beauty Pie

Results Recap: 

  • 35% email revenue attribution
  • 88% increase in revenue driven by automation YoY
  • 32% increase in web traffic via email clicks YoY

INNOVASPORT: Going the Distance by Innovating Customer Loyalty 

Innovasport is the leading retail brand for sporting goods in Mexico, and they’ve been partnering with Emarsys since 2013. So, in addition to sharing this story, we would love to wish a very happy 10-year anniversary to all our friends at Innovasport!

It’s uncommon to be able to celebrate such an anniversary in the tech industry, and most especially in the martech space. Here’s one of the key ingredients to this long-term relationship: both Emarsys and Innovasport continue to grow and innovate together. 

Back in 2020, Innovasport reached a stage where they needed to make a change to meet their business goals. Specifically, they wanted a way to collect more first-party data from their customers, so that they could use that data to increase the personalization of their marketing campaigns. They decided to turn to Emarsys for the tools they needed for a new loyalty program, and in January of 2021 they launched their new program, Legends.

Just a couple months later, during our Retail Revival event in 2021, we heard from Danielle Ríos, Head of Loyalty for Innovasport, about how the loyalty program was already winning the race to success. 

“Before Legends, my team used to communicate some promotions, and we used to get, well… because they used to send it to the general database. That was a couple of years ago. And they used to send these communication to all the users. They weren’t used to micro segment[s]. So they used to get, I don’t know, maybe 8% of open rate. And after we start targeting all this communications through Legends, we have achieved, I guess 35% open rate, 40% open rate, which is huge. […] We have right now 350,000 members in our database. Actually, in exactly two months, we have achieved 350,000 members.”

Headshot for Danielle Ríos, Head of Loyalty, Innovasport
Danielle Ríos
Head of Loyalty, Innovasport

It’s all well and good to welcome early joiners for a brand-new program, but the results didn’t stop there. Danielle and her colleagues continued to build on the initial momentum, learning more data points about their customers and applying that to their communications. They’re delivering tailored customer engagements and continuing to drive sign-ups for the Legends program. 

“I always say that loyalty is data. […] Right now, the success of the program, we are measuring it. Our Net Promoter Score has increased. Our advocates have increased. We have more brand ambassadors that are not influencers, but our customers, they are becoming ambassadors now. And we are watching that the consumer is creating the user-generated content. We’ve seen more of it lately. And of course, our indicators have been impacted in a huge way. Our purchase frequency, the consumer spend, also the year-over-year sales of each customer have increased. So it’s been great this first year. We’ve been operating for 18 months now, and we have 2.4 million members now in 18 months.”

Headshot for Danielle Ríos, Head of Loyalty, Innovasport
Danielle Ríos
Head of Loyalty, Innovasport

Results Recap:

  • +350,000 loyalty program members within 3 months of launch
  • +2.4M loyalty program members within 18 months of launch

Final Thoughts: Putting the Customer First Results in Loyalty 

The results are in! For every vertical bounce, the bouncy ball’s rebound continued to decrease in height. (We’re sure you were dying to know the result.)

Joking aside, the results of an automated, personalized omnichannel strategy are also in, and they are outstanding. Unlike the bouncy balls, marketers are able to gain momentum as they gather first-party data from customers, unify it in a central platform like Emarsys, and then use it to personalize their automated campaigns. 

Customers thrive on tailored communications that speak to their unique needs and the state they’re at in the customer lifecycle. And businesses thrive when they’re able to retain customers and increase overall lifetime value. 

The happy result for both is a solid, long-term relationship!

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