Yes, we were recently in the news again thanks to another investment round, and got some pretty good coverage I’d say. The reactions came in from all directions – LinkedIn messages, SMS, calls and emails from friends, other companies looking to invest in us, and of course a lot of interest from clients and prospects.

Congratulations are always nice to get, and it’s great that investors value our work, but this is not about the money we have raised. More important, for you and for us, is what we are doing with the money.

In short, we’re building stuff, like we always did. We will transfer all the value from this round to our clients today and our clients to come. We are investing most of the money in additional engineers to enable us to release products to you even faster, and in additional support and services teams that will help you to get even more value from our products and make your audiences even happier.

And here is a sneak peek into some of the things we’re working on:

Revolutionizing the way digital marketing is being executed

We genuinely believe that marketing today doesn’t deliver on its promise to create truly personal interactions at scale. And it’s no wonder this is not happening. We’re seeing an explosion of channels, data that needs to be collected and crunched in real time, dispersed audiences that change their behavior and devices by the moment, and point solutions that are trying to meet parts of this challenge. And all of this falls on the shoulders of the marketers, who need to navigate their way through the chaos and create personal and meaningful interactions with their consumers.

Our announcement from last week is going to change all of this. It is going to change the digital world as we know it today. No longer will marketers sit for days looking at data, and spend months designing their customer lifecycles and journeys. Instead, they will be able to plan, execute and then, thanks to a set of intuitive visual reports, ‘tell’ the system where to adjust – raise a threshold here, tune a segment there, and so on.

Our software executes and takes this heavy lifting away from the marketer. Think of it as the autopilot in airplanes – you set the course and the autopilot keeps you on it. But our autopilot is constantly watching the course and making its own adjustments for optimal speed and fuel efficiency. You just need to keep an eye on the dashboard and watch out for alerts…

Now, this is really, really, exciting! It’s not very often that we see a true tech revolution, and I am very glad that we’re in a position to take the lead in improving the lives of so many marketers out there, and so many consumers who will finally, finally, be offered what they truly want and desire.

We call this Emarsys artificial intelligence marketing (AI marketing).

Product enhancements (product evolution)

And no, we are not stopping there. Our product is used by many marketers, and we’re investing equal time in improving the user experience, the product functionality and, perhaps above all, the simplicity of the execution.

Here is a very partial list of what we’ll be releasing in January:

  1. Deliverability Advisor: A self-service tool to help marketers understand their email performance beyond clicks and opens, benchmarking it against their peer group and highlighting where they can tweak their messaging to improve performance even further.
  2. Real-time contextualized email: Like everything else we do, this will be built right into the application and will allow our clients to add dynamic elements to their emails, like real-time weather, countdown timers, real-time location maps, social feeds, and much more.
  3. 360-degrees customer views: All your contacts’ behavior in all channels, their purchases, product affinities, lifetime value and predictions for future value – all visible together and available under one roof.
  4. Next generation content editor: This will allow our clients to create complex, dynamic messages with ease, with full adaptability to all devices and tying in all the features we’re talking about here.

And there are many additional features and functionalities coming in our winter release.

Service improvements

We have also invested heavily in ensuring that our implementation is transparent, collaborative, empowering to our customers, and faster. Our customers have full accessibility to tools that allows them to monitor and participate in tasks in real time.

In addition, we are also launching a new video academy that allows customers to access a full range of videos covering everything from trailers of our application to industry best practices.

So, as you can see, we’re using every last cent to make the lives of our customers and the consumers not only better, but great. We’re excited about this, and hope you will be, too.

Stay tuned for our winter release.

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