As a marketing leader, this is the time of year when you’re creating and finalizing your 2022 marketing plan. The decisions you’re making set the year’s foundation not just for your team but, realistically, your entire company. Your plans to elevate your brand and engage customers will be directly responsible for driving revenue. 

That’s a lot of pressure. Trust me — as a fellow marketing leader, I understand. I’m right there with you. 

I also understand that this pressure can lead many marketers to chase top trends or predictions for the year with the hope of getting ahead of the game (and the competition). I find this approach has a fatal flaw: Predictions and trends aren’t proven methods for success. With trends, you’re always taking a chance, and with so many pundits and thought leaders trying to be the one to catch onto the next biggest thing, it’s hard to know for certain what kind of outcome you can expect.

That’s why Emarsys created the unPredictions hub page to help guide your priorities for your 2022 marketing plan.

Why unPredictions? My Summary and 1-Minute Video

The unPredictions covered in our new ebook are key tools and strategies that have proven to have a significant, positive impact on marketing’s bottom line. Marketers who prioritize these key areas win time and again no matter which one or two trends (out of dozens or even hundreds) prove true. These marketers win because they’ve set an unshakeable foundation and are ready for anything.

I like to think of unPredictions as being the sound advice that every marketer should hear. 

Preview: What You’ll Find in the Ebook

It’s always nice to “try before you buy,” and although the unPredictions ebook is free to download, a preview of what you’ll find under the cover never hurts! Here’s a small taste of what you can expect: 

Email: Personalization with Context (And Don’t Settle for Less)

As a vital communication channel and a major contributor to revenue, email deserves the top spot on the priority list. Are you getting the most out of your email? Are you delivering the personalized, relevant messages that your customers demand? Find out how context-based email marketing can make a difference to your bottom line.

Featured brands: Nourished Life, City Beach, and PUMA

CX: Marketers Must Drive the Agenda for the Customer

These days, customer experience (CX) is no longer just a buzzword — it’s understood to be an essential part of the marketing role. Marketers are responsible for orchestrating the entire customer journey from discovery to loyal customer. Learn how data and personalized experiences feed revenue and what you can do to enhance CX with your brand.

Featured brands: Bulk, SAP, and Babbel 

Omnichannel Marketing: Meet Customers Where They Want to Meet You

Omnichannel marketing is more than simply using multiple channels and pushing the same message across all of them. True omnichannel marketing means connecting with customers where they want to meet you and delivering the right message on the right channel. Learn how unified data and sophisticated tech play a role in omnichannel marketing and get tips for specific channels.

Featured brands: Walmart, flaconi, Fashion Days, adidas Runtastic, and CUE Clothing

Tech Stack: Stop Wasting Time and Money

Get it together! Your tech stack, I mean. Disjointed tech stacks are causing many marketing teams to waste both time and money. Learn how much better your work life can be when you consolidate your tech stack and break down the data silos that are holding you back.

Featured brands: Orlebar Brown, NBG Home, Sally Beauty, and Covetrus

Marketing Automation: Free Your Marketing Humans to Do What They Love

You have only so many hours in the day. When marketing team members are spending excessive amounts of time managing data and segmenting customers, you lose out on the creative power and energy those marketers could bring to the table. Let automation do the heavy lifting when it comes to data and let the marketing humans create the outstanding content and campaigns that will drive your brand’s success.

Featured brands: Home Depot, Jolyn, and Total Tools 

AI: Gain the Team Member(s) You So Desperately Need

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t here to replace marketers — it’s here to do things that marketers can’t do, at least not without ridiculous amounts of time and effort. AI enables marketers to act on data in real time and makes predictions about customer behavior, so you can deliver 1:1 personalization at any scale. Find out what makes AI the perfect addition to your team. 

Featured brands: PUMA

Loyalty: Deliver the Value Customers Want, So They Keep Coming Back

A loyal customer is a treasure worth guarding, but that loyalty can be tough to hold onto. Consumers have an abundance of options. They expect you to provide seamless, personalized experiences that will benefit them. But if you can’t provide that, they’ll move on to a brand that will. Learn about providing the kinds of experiences and value exchanges that keep them coming back for more.

Featured brands: CSC Generation, Brand Alley, Reformation, and Pizza Hut, with additional insights from Forrester

Final Thoughts: Less Guesswork, More Success 

Understanding the customer, creating a top-notch brand journey, and ensuring your brand experience is worth coming back for more… that’s a big job, but with the right consumer engagement platform in place, it’s entirely possible to do it all.  

Leading brands are already setting the standards by focusing on the seven priorities I listed in this article. That’s why our unPredictions mean less guesswork and more success. 

To learn more about each of the priorities, check out our ebook!

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