Since Lesara was set up in 2013 in Berlin, the ambitious online discount retailer has made it their mission to make shopping with them fun, easy and cost effective.

The Challenge

Being a newcomer to the e-commerce market, Lesara knew that to stay ahead of the competition they needed to ensure they were delivering highly personalised experiences to every customer. Also, they wanted to avoid a costly, cumbersome integration process that would heavily rely on their IT team.

Lesara has an extensive catalog comprising thousands of deals which are changing every day. The brand needed a way to gather data throughout the customer journey, which would identify customers on mobile, tablets, and desktop computers, and know if it was the same person. They wanted to use behavioural data to send very relevant campaigns. This would reduce the time and effort required by customers to find exactly what they were looking for and get them to the checkout faster.

The Solution

Capturing Rich Behavioral Data

Lesara added Emarsys Predict, our recommendation engine that provides highly accurate product recommendations, which are added to key website pages and email communications. The technical integration only took a couple of hours to implement, and within two weeks, they had built up a robust statistical model that produced heavily personalised experiences for each visitor. These recommendations generated 9.8% of Lesara’s revenue during this period.

Predict Dashboard: Metrics that Matter

By having a fully integrated suite of marketing tools, Lesara’s data is stored, analysed and acted on within one intuitive platform. Lesara can see real-time analytics of product recommendation ROI and essential product affinity trends, which they can then translate into highly profitable business decisions. This intelligence drives better merchandising as Lesara can buy relevant inventory and bundle those products in campaigns.

Lesara’s CTO Robin Muller says, “The implementation of Emarsys Predict was a clear success. The process was quick, smooth, and easy. The support we received was outstanding and reinforced by the comprehensive documentation.”

Product Recommendations Over Multiple Touch Points

The Unified Profile technology matches anonymous user data from a variety of touch points and aggregates this data in a statistical model to ensure that every customer is shown personalised product recommendations on every channel.

The Results

As a result, Lesara saw an immediate increase in online engagement. The average amount of pages viewed has increased by 12%, and visit duration by customers on desktop computers  went up 20%. Lesara is also engaging more customers on mobile devices; mobile visitors are browsing 20% more pages and staying 28% longer on each session. This has led to a strong financial return.

Download Lesara’s full client success story here