Did you know that 73% of customers use multiple channels during their single purchase journey? This is why it’s vital to send 1:1 personalized messages across all your channels.

Since “32% of customers will leave a brand after a single bad experience” it’s never been more important to connect with buyers during their purchase journey, and afterward to provide a personalized experience and ultimately convert them into loyal customers

Moving away from the batch-and-blast techniques of the past and toward a unified marketing strategy across all channels is not only what your customers want, but what marketers want so they can provide 1:1 experiences. 

At Emarsys, we’ve created new updates and features to help you connect with customers in real time, and generate revenue based on your company’s goals. Here are a few of the latest features in our Spring Release 2021 that you can find in this webinar:

More Revenue, Faster

You may have noticed that sending an abandoned cart message, after a longer period of time, may not have resulted in a sale. Sending these messages within a shorter time period may encourage customers to buy. This is what Fast Abandoned Cart is all about.

“So for sure, Fast Abandoned Cart, and it was really surprising. We projected that it will bring more money to our customers, more revenue. But what we observed is that, compared to the previous  of our abandoned cart use case, that had from [a] four to six hour delay, with this 20-minute delay, you can make 40 to 60 percent more revenue.”

— Lucy Sasvári,
Product Manager, Emarsys

In-App Messages and Screen Real Estate

Many times, when your customer receives an in-app message, much of the information takes up their entire screen, essentially disconnecting them from their current experience. It’s a bit disruptive. This is where our latest in-app messages update comes into play.

“In-app messages normally take up the entire screen, and the user has to interact with it in some way to [make it] disappear and they can carry on doing what they were doing, having a look around the app. With in-line, however, it doesn’t take over the entire screen, but only a subsection of the actual screen itself is actually configurable by yourselves, as Mobile Engage customers. You can actually decide whereabouts in the screen, on the real estate, if you will, and this actual message would come up, and then obviously display different types of messages.”

— Peter Baird,
Senior Manager, Product (Mobile), Emarsys

Value Exchange Through Inbox

It’s amazing that around 51% of shoppers purchase items using their mobile phone. Because of this, you want customers to stay in your app as long as possible. Through your app, you can provide a voucher, coupon, or access to a loyalty rewards program. 

The problem arises when you provide this value, but at the time, your mobile app user doesn’t want to use what you sent them. This is where Inbox comes in.  

“So Inbox is a fantastic feature, very dear to my heart … it allows users to basically store messages within the app itself. So, it’s super convenient for the actual end-user. They’re able to, you know, rather than with push and in-app, they’re fantastic, useful features from a mobile, but click on a message and it disappears. So what about these voucher codes, for example, when you want to reuse them? So that’s where our Inbox comes in. It basically allows you to store messages for the user.”

— Peter Baird,
Senior Manager, Product (Mobile), Emarsys

Final Thoughts

Connecting with customers to deliver personalized experiences within your mobile app is now even easier with the Emarsys Spring Release 2021. 

You’ll find over 20+ new features and benefits that can assist in not only achieving your business outcomes, but also transforming buyers into loyal customers and empowering them to come back over and over again. 

You can see many of these features in the latest webinar we put together right here.

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