Since our founding, we’ve been committed to leading the industry with cutting-edge marketing solutions for the martech space. Recently, we received an incredible confirmation that we’re making good on our commitment.

Emarsys has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: CCCM (Independent Platforms) Q4 2019 Report. And though Emarsys scored 5 out of 5 in 22 of the 40 digital marketing categories included on the scorecard, our strong performance in the category of “Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning” is particularly exciting.

We believe this demonstrates how, when it comes to harnessing the power of predictive analytics and machine learning to help our customers achieve needle-moving, revenue-earning marketing results, we’ve set a standard that no other marketing platform provider can match.

Why Excellence in Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Matters (Especially to Our Customers)

Commerce changes and evolves at an incredibly rapid pace. Part of that change will be to fully embrace technologies like machine learning. According to Forbes, “The global machine learning market is expected to grow from $1.41B in 2017 to $8.81B by 2022.” For our clients to remain competitive, we need to provide machine learning solutions that aren’t simply a means of keeping up with this evolution — our solutions must propel them to the forefront.

To ensure this, we invest 25% of revenue back into research and development. This degree of investment allows us to fully immerse ourselves in developing powerful AI elements like machine learning. It’s also what distinguishes us from other vendors — because of the extensive R&D we do, the machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities in our platform far surpass what competitors can offer.

Jim SterneYou can use robots for marketing, and you can use text analysis for marketing, but machine learning is the new kind of software that’s going to help [marketers] the most … Think of it as the next level of computing capability.

Jim Sterne • Keynote Speaker, Author, Founder, eMetrics Summit, Co-founder and Board Chair, Digital Analytics Association • @jimsterne

We don’t incorporate innovative technology into our platform just so we can claim we’re using the latest and greatest, the hottest new tech. We do this because it is imperative for the success of our customers. The benefits afforded by predictive analytics and machine learning will no doubt revolutionize how marketers approach data analysis, campaign management, segmentation, and personalization. That’s why our developers place great emphasis on making it an integral part of our marketing platform. We’ve seen first-hand how predictive analytics and machine learning technology built into our platform provide powerful marketing insights and strategies that result in growth and revenue increases for our clients.

We feel that our position as a leader in the report is the hard-earned outcome of the considerable effort we put into creating machine learning-based offerings that give you reliable, actionable intelligence — the kind of intelligence that will have an immediate, positive impact on your business.

How Machine Learning Powers the Emarsys Platform

Omnichannel campaign execution, data analysis, contact segmentation — these are some of the most top-of-mind concerns for marketers. Machine learning capabilities empower marketers to navigate these key concerns, with an aim toward driving customer growth and revenue. Our development team has been working on state-of-the-art machine learning software that analyzes customer data (like page views, search queries, cart and checkout event) to learn about each of your customers.

No, really: the software can self-learn. In fact, anything dubbed “machine learning” has to.

The learning aspect is critical. Machine learning algorithms in our software discover, learn, and understand more about your customer than marketing teams have the bandwidth, mental processing power, or time to do manually. Predictive analytics can pick out nuanced patterns in customer behavior that can be used to predict future behavior.

Using the first-party data you possess as source material, the system learns things like:

  • What products your customers will be most responsive to
  • Which channels your customers prefer to communicate on
  • What time of day your customers will most likely to take action

What’s more: with millions of interactions occurring and thousands of transactions being processed, the learning process only continues to improve over time, and the software’s skill in making accurate, personalized predictions about your customer is further refined.

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What Industry Experts are Saying About Our Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Capabilities

Forrester is a leading research and advisory firm that collaborates with experts worldwide to provide innovative business, marketing, and technology insights. The organization employs experienced analysts who use market research to offer clients growth-minded strategies, guidance, and wisdom. And they’re adroit in determining inventive ways that companies can employ technology to better serve their customers. We consider Forrester to be a voice of authority in the market research space.

For the category of “Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning,” The Forrester Wave™: CCCM (Independent Platforms) Q4 2019 Report scores vendors on several different criteria. When looking at our product offering, Forrester analysts asked questions such as:

  • “What types of built-in predictive analytics, predictive modeling, or data mining algorithms does the solution support?”*
  • “How does the solution support real-time scoring and real-time model execution?”*
  • “What machine learning (self-cognitive, adaptive, etc.) tools does the solution offer? Do these operate as a ‘black box,’ or is the UX accessible to marketers?”*
  • “Is it possible to ‘turn on’ learning to test hypotheses and audit potential outcomes before automating actions?”*
  • “How does the solution measure business value compared to non-optimized environments?”*
*Sourced from the The Forrester Wave™: CCCM (Independent Platforms) Q4 2019 scorecard

The result: Emarsys scored a 5 out of 5 — the highest possible category score. We believe that a perfect score in this technically complex category was made possible through the research and pursuits of our developers to deliver a product that will help marketers with their most significant challenges. The thousands of success testimonials we receive from our 1,500 customers reaffirm the efficacy of our machine learning software.

Our Hard Work in the Machine Learning Space Pays Off for Our Clients

We’ve made it a point to build industry-leading machine learning capabilities within our platform because we know that it saves marketers a great deal of time and effort. It also provides them with insight and intelligence that will aid their cross-channel marketing campaigns and guide their overall strategy. We’ve worked hard to offer the best machine learning-based products to our clients.

We feel that being named a leader in the report (and scoring 5 out of 5 in the Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning category) means that we’re providing martech solutions that lead the pack. Our ML technology fully incorporates reliable, leading-edge use cases — allowing marketers to better focus on the part of marketing tech they really love: the marketing.

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