idcwebinar_titleslideTechnology is changing consumer behavior faster than retailers can adapt their marketing strategies. With this in mind, retailers must understand how to engage today’s consumers with multi-channel marketing, or risk losing sales. To make this easier, we recently hosted a webinar that took a deeper look into the idea that Digital Transformation (DX) serves as the catalyst of this change. With this knowledge at hand, retailers can develop deeper engagement with consumers.

DX has already proven itself as an accelerator of omnichannel transformation, enabling consumer empowerment and retailer agility. Greg Girard, Program Director of Merchandise Strategies at IDC, and Sean Brady, President of the Americas, developed and presented a 45-minute webinar titled Intimacy at Scale: Omni-Channel Retail Marketing, covering the following:

  • Digital Transformation (DX) in Retail Marketing.
  • Drivers of Retail Marketing DX – Cognitive Systems beyond Virtual Reality.
  • DX Marketing Opportunities and Future-Proofing.

This webinar was designed to educate retailers and digital marketers with insight about today’s changing technological retail landscape and to provide best practices about how to reach today’s changing consumers. Remember, DX can provide ample opportunities to attract and retain consumers.

Intimacy at Scale: Omnichannel Retail Marketing further explains the types of interactions retailers are working with today due to the various channels and technologies changing consumer behavior, as well as innovation accelerators contributing to DX. These innovation accelerators include augmented and virtual reality, the Internet of Things and cognitive systems.

We invite you to watch Intimacy at Scale: Omnichannel Retail Marketing, on demand.

There’s also plenty more where this webinar came from. Stay tuned for upcoming webinars, and be sure to follow us on Twitter to see when they’re announced.