Delivering True 1:1 Personalized Omnichannel Experiences

Love, Bonito began as an online blog shop and has transformed the women’s online and offline shopping experience. With 15 stores across four Southeast Asian countries, they deliver omnichannel personalization while driving acquisition and retention.

Silos and an unintegrated technology stack impacted customer experience and made it difficult to personalize digital communications across each stage of the lifecycle. After implementing Emarsys, they were able to accelerate their business outcomes to achieve increases in their ROAS, better targeted and personalized customer engagement, and ultimately their online revenue.

Optimizing Customer-Centric Acquisition and Retention Goals with a Short Time-to-Value Platform

Following a quick implementation after choosing Emarsys, Love, Bonito was able to accelerate their business outcomes by removing organizational silos, reducing their total cost of ownership with Emarsys’ fully integrated CEP, delivering personalized recommendations and CRM ads, improving ROAS by 60%, and launching automated e-commerce-specific tactics.

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“Emarsys has enabled us to create automated personalized customer journeys across email, on-site, and paid channels. Their automation capability has powered our rigorous A/B testing, achieving 15% revenue uplift on these journeys. Beyond that, the product recommendation capability from Emarsys is very robust in generating personalized recommendations for our online visitors, resulting in a 3x higher conversion rate from Emarsys-powered recommendations.”

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Isabelle Zhou
Head of Growth, Love, Bonito