The Business

DJI is the world’s leading drone manufacturer, with a market share exceeding 70% in consumer drones. It offers a diverse range of drone models, as well as other products such as handheld gimbals, action cameras, and camera stabilizers. DJI’s products are widely used by customers including professional filmmakers, photographers, search and rescue teams, farmers, and surveyors.  With an extensive global presence, DJI maintains offices and authorized dealerships across 100+ countries.

Technology / Consumer Electronics
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The Challenge

  • Enhancing Deliverability & Click Rate During Peak Season
  • Personalising Content Across Regions
  • Identifying Post Purchase Cross-Selling Opportunities
  • Understanding Customer Lifecycle Stages to Increase Retention

DJI faced several challenges in optimizing their marketing campaigns, including email deliverability, and providing a seamless and personalized experience for their customers worldwide. Before Emarsys, DJI was sending generic batch-and-blast emails with limited understanding of a customer’s lifecycle stage. Because of this, they were not able to see the full potential of how their customer data could help retain customers and offer cross-selling opportunities.

The Solution

By incorporating zero- and first-party data that feeds business intelligence insights into Emarsys, DJI was able to take full advantage of prebuilt tactics that deliver personalized customer engagement in one click. 

Improved deliverability rates to engage in real-time 

Deliverability is key to DJI because of their large database across the globe. Plus, the frequency of customer engagement for new product releases and festival offers, for example, add even more complexity. Before moving to Emarsys they were sending via a batch and blast model with high volumes of email but resulting in a slower send speed.

With an Emarsys deliverability consultant at hand, DJI was given strategic advice on how to improve the quality of their email list, segment their audience, and refine their email content to be more engaging and relevant. DJI is now able to handle a much higher volume and can send a billion targeted emails in a day–optimizing their email sending practices. 

Scaled marketing execution with enhanced personalisation

By integrating their sales and service touchpoints into a single platform using Emarsys, DJI improved their channel performance and can now deliver consistent and connected customer experiences. Campaigns are now delivered with 1:1 product recommendations including localized product information based on browsing behavior and trends. This helped DJI achieve seamless personalization across more than 100 countries and regions, personalizing messaging to customers’ unique language and currency, making campaign operations much more streamlined and relevant.

Uncovered customer lifecycle insights that power retention

Emarsys helped DJI gain insights into their customer lifecycle by connecting sales, website behavior, product, and contact data. With Smart Insights, DJI is able to focus on more precise segments to drive revenue, identifying opportunities for cross-selling complementary products or services to their one-time purchase customers. Additionally, they have improved customer retention rates through tailored communication, offers, and support throughout their journey.

The Impact

1.4x increase in web traffic
180% increase in active customer revenue
44% increase in average order value
122% increase in premium customer revenue
45% increase in number of orders
38% reduce in customer churn

“Emarsys has been a valuable partner in strengthening customer relationships. Their platform empowered us to create personalized campaigns, driving engagement and loyalty. The platform’s interface and tactics capabilities facilitated launching campaigns and making decisions. We appreciate Emarsys’ technology and expertise, and recommend their platform for elevated marketing efforts.”

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