Customer acquisition is expensive. And with marketing budgets shrinking and consumer wallets tightening, overspending to acquire new customers isn’t a luxury that many marketers have right now. Yes, driving revenue remains critical, but so is ROI and efficiency. 

That’s why today’s successful marketers are putting their primary focus on maximizing the value of the customers they already have. For them, building sustained customer relationships and improving retention are the goal, with the understanding that increased revenue is the payoff. 

So how do they achieve better relationships, retention, and ultimately, revenue? The answer lies in personalized omnichannel marketing

Let’s take a look at how two real-life brands lead with an omnichannel marketing strategy to deliver the experiences that keep their existing customers engaged and spending.

Building Relationships with Happy Socks

Renowned fashion retailer Happy Socks has relationships with customers all over the world. But when you’re a brand with such a large global reach looking to sustain those relationships, you have to be able to engage customers with satisfying 1:1 experiences across a wide range of countries and languages. 

And you need to be able to do that at scale.

Fortunately, Happy Socks has a strong omnichannel marketing strategy that prioritizes data-driven insights to easily power personalization at any scale, even across multiple languages and geographies. The result is deeper, more meaningful relationships with delighted footwear enthusiasts — or perhaps more fitting, “happy socks fans” — all around the world

Using Emarsys, the brand engages customers using personalized automations across multiple channels, like email and CRM ads. Historical and predictive data (like “last purchase,” “top categories shopped,” and user website behavior) further enriches personalization and makes it more accurate, demonstrating a better understanding of each and every customer through their entire journey with the brand. 

  • Key Takeaway: For Happy Socks, the ability to deliver data-driven personalized experiences in multiple languages and across multiple channels allows them to build and sustain long-lasting relationships with customers.

“Our strategy centered on building a data foundation that would allow us to scale and personalize … It was just a matter of going the distance to achieve that goal — making sure our data was clean, and making sure our feeds were correct, and then making sense of that data. Together with all these data points, [and] with the foundation that Emarsys gives us to utilize the data and to view the data and to use the data, we could actually become more connected to our customers.”

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Carl-Johan Claesson
Global Head of Direct to Consumer

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Better Customer Retention for French Connection

Customer acquisition will always be part of any business’s growth strategy. But as every marketer knows, acquiring a new customer is much more expensive than retaining your existing customers.

That’s why sometimes the best plan for accelerating business results is to double down on retention

For retailer French Connection, retention is a top priority and an integral part of what drives their successful omnichannel marketing strategy. The brand puts a great deal of emphasis on nurturing their active database, using personalized offers and rewards to keep them coming back to shop. 

They also leverage personalized retention-focused automations to deliver communications to customers at the most opportune time and on the most impactful channel — based on the customer’s history and where they are at on their journey with the brand. Abandoned cart, abandoned browse, price drop, and back-in-stock are just a few examples of the tactics French Connection can personalize and automate through Emarsys to keep shoppers in the “active customer” pool.

  • Key Takeaway: For French Connection, retaining active customers and keeping them fully engaged with the brand comes down to delivering 1:1 automations at the right time and on the right channel. 

“It’s obviously a lot easier to retain a customer rather than win them back once they’ve disengaged and become inactive. So we really want to be able to nurture our active database. We want to keep them engaged and prevent them from becoming defective by offering them rewards at timely points in terms of communication. […] All of this is propped up by tactics that we are able to utilize to engage customers at various points of their journey. For example, abandoned cart, abandoned browse, price drop, and back in stock tactics.”

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Kelly Priest
eCommerce & Digital Marketing Manager

Final Thoughts

No one knows what the future holds, but savvy marketers are preparing for any imminent challenges by building a strategy that drives revenue in any economic condition.

Focusing on maximizing the value of existing customers is not only a prudent and sustainable approach, but also a lucrative one — so long as you have the right omnichannel marketing strategy in place and the right technology to bring it to life.

Brands like Happy Socks, French Connection, and Adore Beauty are able to drive better relationships, retention, and revenue because they’ve created a strong omnichannel marketing strategy to guide them, and they execute it using a powerful omnichannel customer engagement platform like Emarsys. 

The good news is that any brand can follow this path to success with the right guidance. If you’re wondering how to do it for your brand, and if increased retention and customer loyalty is a top priority for you, check out our latest ebook The Omnichannel Guide to Retention & Loyalty.


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