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Maximize lead generation, optimize ad spend, and increase sales by using CRM data to match search intent, lifecycle stages, and product affinity with your most valuable customer segments.

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Quality lead generation using customer insights

Tap into your customer data to reach and acquire high-quality leads with lookalike audiences modeled after your most valuable and engaged customers. Use behavior predictions to target the leads most likely to convert. Optimize your budget to focus on profitable audiences that match your active customer profile.

Emarsys Ads Dashboard

Higher conversion on social using product affinity

Cut through social media clutter with hyper-targeted product ads that increase purchase frequency, based on first-party customer data. Leverage product affinity, predictive segmentation, and lifecycle segments to enhance and refine targeted advertising, boost lead conversion, and drive repeat purchases across Google and Facebook.

Hyper-targeted Ads using Emarsys lifecycle and product affinity

Boost engagement with customer-centric ad campaigns and dynamic segmentation

Increase engagement and retention with social media hyper-targeting and customer-centric ads. Lifecycle and behavioral segmentation are being continuously updated as customers interact with your brand across all channels and devices. Optimize and automate customer engagement across all channels with audiences updated in real time based on lifecycle segments and campaign-specific engagement. Ensure you always connect with the right audience online with CRM Ads.

social media hyper-targeting and customer-centric ads with Emarsys lifecycle and automation

Unify analytics, lead generation, and customer growth

Have your data capture and lead nurture streamlined in one place with a direct connection to Google and Facebook advertising platforms. Optimize your end-to-end acquisition and engagement strategies from a single unified data platform with built-in lifecycle scoring and omnichannel execution capabilities. Automatically capture leads and convert them into buyers without leaving the Emarsys platform.

Emarsys Facebook Conversion Example

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