Data-driven acquisition and growth

Increase cross-channel conversions with truly personalized advertising that is tuned to individual behavior.


Turn customer data into business results

Tap into your data to reach and acquire high-quality leads with look-a-like audiences modeled after your highest spending or most engaged customers. Unlock customer behavior predictions and use them to target your most-likely-to-convert customers, increasing ad spend ROI.
Emarsys CRM Targeting Dashboard

Data-driven advertising

Include smart, data-driven advertising to reach any contact online and boost your retention and ROI. Create hyper-targeted smart ads using your first-party data and insights, then focus your budget on engaging with the kind of contacts that are most valuable to your brand.

Emarsys CRM Ads Dashboard

Embed ads in your omnichannel strategy

Include ads in automated marketing programs and deliver seamlessly aligned and consistent messages – guaranteed to reach recipients. Adding Display and Search Result Ads to your omnichannel strategy is also an easy way to create a powerful and synchronized 360° experience alongside Email, SMS, and Push Notifications.
Emarsys Ad Campaign Dashboard

From followers to customers

Easily create and embed sign-up forms in your social channels to grow your customer base by capturing engagement where users are most active. Measure your data collection performance on social networks to capitalize on trends and maximize the growth of your customer database.
Emarsys Facebook Conversion Example

Customer-centric social interactions

Enhance customer profiles with campaign engagement data. Continuously improve existing campaign efficiency with these additional insights or open up new revenue streams by identifying social media brand ambassadors.
Emarsys Customer Data Example

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