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Hero Customer Lifecycle

Drive loyalty by engaging in real-time throughout the customer lifecycle

Customers have come to expect seamless experiences at every interaction throughout the customer journey. Emarsys provides an integrated, AI-powered platform that unifies customer, product, sales, transactional, and behavioral data. It allows marketers to create dynamic segments, personalize engagements, and view detailed reporting and analytics by lifecycle stage, so you can see exactly where you are driving business results.

Customize journeys based on unique events, interactions, and past behavior
Use AI and automation to react to customers in real time with personalized offers
Measure the impact of personalization on customer lifecycle marketing

The Omnichannel Guide to Retention & Loyalty

This guide is designed to help marketing teams build and execute a 1:1 omnichannel marketing strategy that increases retention, customer loyalty, and revenue.

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4 Steps for Better Relationships, Retention and Revenue

This free quick guide gives you the steps for creating an omnichannel marketing strategy that will increase customer loyalty and retention for your business.

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Unify data and earn customer loyalty

Emarsys empowers marketers to easily onboard data in order to create a single view of the customer. This is then enriched with AI and predictive intelligence, allowing marketers to not only track customers throughout the customer journey, but also improve customer loyalty through personalized offers and product recommendations.

01 Customer Lifecycle Unify Data And Earn Customer Loyalty

Build dynamic segments by lifecycle stage

What would normally take a marketer days can be done in just hours with our dynamic segmentation capabilities. Use Smart Insights to segment your contacts by first-time buyers, active customers, defecting customers, and inactive customers. Build AI segments that predict customer behavior and target them with campaigns that drive loyalty and customer lifetime value.

02 Customer Lifecycle Build Dynamic Segments By Lifecycle Stage

Improve CLTV with sophisticated marketing automations

Emarsys comes with a host of pre-built, fully customizable tactics that can be deployed quickly across multiple channels. Each tactic comes populated with segments, automation flows, content, and channels tailored to your customers’ individual lifecycle stages. Our AI-powered automations help brands win back inactive or defecting customers, convert active buyers, trigger in-session upsells and cross-sells, and encourage repeat purchases.

03 Customer Lifecycle Improve Cltv With Sophisticated Marketing Automations

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Personalize every step of the customer journey

Our platform combines historical and real-time data to build a true view of every customer according to their lifecycle stage. Using visual affinity, channels, and purchase predictions, Emarsys drives customer loyalty by recommending content and product offers tailored to individual customers.

04 Customer Lifecycle Personalize Every Step Of The Customer Journey

Deploy loyalty programs across multiple channels

With loyalty built into the Emarsys platform, your customer data and purchase behavior is automatically integrated. This allows you to easily create meaningful customer experience such as refer-a-friend incentives, points reminders, and tier-based rewards across multiple channels in a fraction of the time it would take using multiple tools.

05 Customer Lifecycle Deploy Loyalty Programs Across Multiple Channels

Access dedicated Customer Lifecycle reporting and analytics

The Customer Lifecycle Dashboard acts as a single interface that allows you to track how much revenue has been generated from conversions in specific lifecycle stages. Each lifecycle stage is shown with a set of standard metrics, with drill-downs to more detailed reporting and Smart Metrics.

06 Customer Lifecycle Access Dedicated Customer Lifecycle Reporting And Analytics

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Driving engagement and revenue with automated lifecycle campaigns

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“The beauty of the Emarsys marketing platform is that it always provides an actionable next step for the client to run its automated marketing campaign.”

Jade Lau,
Jade Lau, Lead of Nike Direct Digital Commerce, Nike Hong Kong

Hitting 5x revenue growth through meaningful, personalized engagements

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“We can use block targeting to really focus the content to make sure [each customer] is seeing the right thing. And that essentially means we only need to build every campaign once.”

David Witts,
David Witts, CRM Manager, PUMA Europe

Creating unique data-driven journeys to cultivate customer loyalty and drive CLTV

Hear their story

“Using data and personalization, Emarsys enables us to keep our customers at the heart of everything we do, powering vital lifecycle and loyalty campaigns that drive conversions, retention, and relevancy.”


Catriona Woodward,
Catriona Woodward, Head of Digital Marketing, Pizza Hut

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