Accelerating Business Outcomes With Scalable, 1:1 Omnichannel Personalization

Hungarian electronics retailer Extreme Digital experienced rapid growth throughout the early 2000s, and today operates 17 physical stores, as well as a website that serves 100,000+ daily visitors. But given the quick-change climate of the electronics and home world, the brand needed a solution that would allow them to adapt and respond quickly to changes in their market. They had to figure out how to satisfy their large database of customers with automated, highly personalized experiences that lead to meaningful relationships and lasting loyalty.

Using the Emarsys customer engagement platform, Extreme Digital is able to unify their online and offline data, allowing them to connect the user experience and create seamless customer journeys. They use the platform’s segmentation and automation capabilities to deliver 1:1 personalized customer experiences to highly-targeted audiences, providing more relevant and meaningful content and resulting in long-lasting customer relationships for the business.

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“With Emarsys, it’s much easier, because we see the results in a day or two, and we can decide more quickly, and we can analyze the data more quickly. And actually, what we are doing now that we’re using Emarsys as a secondary analysis system, and we are putting the data next to our sales data, we now see the correlation in parallel, like in daily business. So it’s very helpful for making quick decisions, and also a very quick improvement, even in a campaign or during a campaign, which we launched.”

Szilvia Szarka
Szilvia Szarka
Marketing Director, Extreme Digital