The Business

Retail/E-commerce, Fashion & Accessories
Paris, France
Founded 1990

LANCASTER is the gold standard in the world of affordable luxury leather goods, combining expertise and innovation to attract customers through its wide range of designs and catalog of more than 750 leather products per season.

In 2019, LANCASTER launched an online store to develop the company’s digital commerce, and redefine its brand image and sales strategy.

The Challenge

  • Gaining a complete view of the customer
  • Leveraging data
  • Scaling personalized email
  • Driving reliable revenue

With e-commerce on the rise, the brand had to be able to establish a wider digital channel presence so they could reach potential customers wherever they are at any given time. To do this, LANCASTER needed to better understand its audience and hone its sales strategy.

A year after going live, the online store proved profitable with a 95% increase in e-commerce. Despite a strong email campaign open rate (40%), LANCASTER struggled to maximize their ability to convert prospects because they weren’t fully leveraging the potential in their data. In addition, LANCASTER was not executing enough marketing communication — the team was only sending out one or two newsletters a month, and the content was more informative than engaging.

With no or limited views of the customer lifecycle stages, purchase history, and marketing engagement, LANCASTER lacked the deeper customer insights which would allow them to improve engagement, optimize sales, and drive more conversions. LANCASTER needed a highly effective automated omnichannel program that could provide more precise targeting and deliver more relevant offers to their customers and prospects.

The Solution

To get up and running, LANCASTER needed a user-friendly solution that would quickly adapt to their business requirements. LANCASTER chose Emarsys, as the platform provided them the ability to integrate and manage fully automated omnichannel customer engagement, including purchase history tracking and advanced reporting features.

Emarsys offers an all-in-one solution with a marketer-friendly interface, as well as a genuine partnership and professional support for both installing and using the tool — all without the need for IT involvement.

Using Emarsys, LANCASTER was able to consolidate data to gain greater customer insights and clarity about their marketing performance. This clarity enabled LANCASTER to build an effective lifecycle and personalization strategy across web and email, nurturing customers in real-time based on their behavior or where they are in their journey. Emarsys’s pre-built tactics and automation allowed LANCASTER to quickly set up campaigns, optimize their marketing efforts, and see business results.

The Impact

With more targeted sales strategies, personalized offers based on segmentation, and quickly automated campaigns (e.g., Welcome, Birthday, Cart Abandonment, Post-Purchase, Win Back), LANCASTER renewed its audience, increased revenue, and improved brand image.

+140% Revenue through Emarsys, 2 years after Emarsys
6x Revenue generated through automation, 2 years after Emarsys
+10pts Global CRM/Revenue, 2 years after Emarsys
+33% Revenue recovered from lapsed customers, 2 years after Emarsys
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