The Business

Sports & Entertainment
Bordeaux, France
Since 2005

The Betclic Group is an international online gambling company with five brands and four products operating across 15+ countries in 10 languages. The Betclic brand is the flagship brand of the group with 9 million clients and is number one in sports betting in France and Portugal. It is a mobile-only lifestyle brand as 95% of the activity occurs on mobile devices.

The Challenge

  • Scaling personalization across multiple regions/regulations
  • Seamless mobile experiences
  • Real-time interactions

Betclic faces the complexity of operating multiple brands, multiple products, while following multiple regulations. The process of creating a user account on Betclic differs across all countries, and may require bank details, proof of identity, and validating of the account via Direct Mail. The onboarding must be mobile-only and tailored to each environment and country.

Betclic also offers around 180 separate bets per game (soccer, tennis, basketball, etc.), with odds that fluctuate every second. This required scalable personalization, and the ability to adapt in seconds to the correct bet for the correct player.

As 95% of Betclic activity happens on a mobile device, the customer engagement solution had to be simple and seamless for mobile-only users, and execute in real-time due to the time-sensitive nature of the business.

The Solution

Using Emarsys, Betclic can engage customers at the most impactful moment with a customer loyalty program that rewards customers when they win, provides live updates of sporting events, and delivers a custom message with an invite if they lose.

The Impact

Using Emarsys, Betclic increased their agility and reduced friction in business processes and technology ecosystems, which allowed them to deliver frictionless experiences that engage and re-engage app users. ..

Within one year, they were able to achieve:

+80% time gained from creating campaigns (was two days, now two hours)
4x faster delivery of push messages
100% automated journeys that integrate personalized, real-time push notifications

“We have integrated push to onboarding programs, as reminders are better served through notifications as they are more frequently opened and engaged with than emails for us.”

Quote Jean Baptiste
Jean-Baptiste Chapelleaubos
Customer Engagement Solutions Manager at Betclic

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