7 Pillars of Omnichannel Personalization

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About the Guide

This guide reveals the foundational pillars of truly tailored, 1:1 personalization, as well as the strategies top brands are using to maximize their MarTech investment, build lasting relationships, and drive business growth.

What’s Inside

You’ll discover tips on how to:

  • Maximize your customer engagement data so you can build trust and support your goals
  • Connect your commerce channels so customers enjoy consistent brand experiences wherever and whenever they engage
  • Recognize the differences between disjointed channel experiences and seamless, personalized customer journeys
  • Become more relevant and timely with your messages, so you can drive loyalty and greater LTV
  • Apply AI to execute true personalization at scale and around the world
  • Use reporting and analytics to refine your personalization strategy and predict what your customers will want next

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We’ve really had to bridge that gap between online and offline and offer new omni-experiences. […] Introducing a loyalty program [allows] us to merge those data points and build that rich picture of our customer from an omni-perspective, and use that data to gather insights and really understand our customer and then use that to personalize experiences.“

7 Pillars Omnichannel Personalization Quote Michelle Wu – Michelle Wu, Head of Digital Marketing & CRM, Forever New Clothing