I don’t like the phrase “the new normal.”

Marketing, by nature, exists in a constant state of flux. Part of our unwritten job description as marketers is to be change agents — to iterate, innovate, and adapt with agility… no matter what.

We’ve all been impacted by the changes these past few months. The world has officially been shaken up and marketers are not immune to this disarray.

Still, we don’t recommend sulking. We recommend celebrating.

If you haven’t heard the rumblings just yet, get ready… because this September, we’re bringing the event of the year, Retail Renaissance 2020, to you.

Retail Renaissance is the first ever digital festival for marketers, e-commerce professionals, and digital leaders.

Confirmed brand speakers from Shopify Plus, Facebook, Forrester, Zendesk, Born, optilyz, Movable Ink, and more will reveal how, in the face of the worst economic recession in ages prompted by Coronavirus, they:

  • Drive repeat purchases, improve AOV, and increase CLV with connected experiences
  • Build emotional connections with customers that create lifelong loyalty
  • Use customer data intelligently to drive growth and revenue

We’ve all seen the mass store closings, major footfall decreases, and cash flow deficits.

But it is in destruction that opportunity lies, and it’s through this disarray that we feel inspired — to spread ideas, to revamp old, outdated marketing models, and to create an interactive forum for knowledge sharing.

Sara Richter, CMO here at Emarsys, elaborates:

A Celebration of Marketing Success

We believe there’s a subtle but quickly emerging rebirth of creativity happening beneath the guise of unease we’re all feeling.

It’s been accelerated by the pandemic but wasn’t caused by it.

This new dawn of innovation is coming about as a result of innovative technologies, shifting consumer expectations, and simply “changing times.” Marketers on the leading edge are adjusting in kind, and there are a core few who’ve been tapping into the change for a while.

Their stories need to be heard and we want modern marketers to get up to speed ASAP. That’s our vision for Retail Renaissance 2020.

EVENT: Retail Renaissance 2020: Emarsys Digital Festival
WHO: 40+ sessions from global retailers, leading tech pioneers, & industry analysts like Forrester
WHAT: Round-the-clock, 3-day extravaganza featuring 5 big themes
WHEN: September 15-17, 2020

What else will the festival include?

  • Deskside chats, panels, live Q&As, 10 minutes with industry leaders, brand showcases, and more.
  • Virtual lunches and workshops with leading tech pioneers, brands, and industry analysts from Forrester
  • LOADS of great content: 60+ hours, covering 5 different themes over 3 days.
  • A timezone-busting agenda: Tune in LIVE, wherever you are.
  • Networking with your peers in the dedicated Retail Renaissance Slack community

Tracks and themes

Global speakers will cover five core themes. These include:

➤ Customer Engagement. Learn how you can deliver seamless, customer-centric experiences across every channel. Build emotional connections with customers.

➤ Omnichannel Commerce. Drive more repeat purchases, improve AOV, and increase CLTV with connected experiences across all touchpoints.

➤ Cross-Channel Marketing & Personalization.  Build better relationships with customers and increase loyalty and retention by delivering personalized messages at the right moment.

➤ Customer Data. Maximize your customer data to drive growth and revenue. Learn how to capture, store, and use data intelligently and responsibly to uncover opportunities.

➤ The DNA Of High-Performing Teams. Learn how strategic alignment, efficient automation, and agility set up empathetic retail marketing teams.

Learn more about what each theme will include, here.

Tangible Takeaways to Drive Renewed Revenue Streams in 2020

The entire festival will explore creative solutions and innovative ideas focused on the art and science of customer engagement. You’ll hear stories from industry pioneers including Facebook, SMB e-commerce brand leaders, and recognized industry experts.

We’re especially excited to welcome renowned Forrester analysts Rusty Warner and Shar VanBoskirk who will share unique insights on the current state of retail.

No matter your industry, company size, or clientele, you will be able to find something that you can implement in your business right away to start driving revenue.

You’ll be able to:

  1. Get your bearings on where things stand… and where our industry is heading
  2. Hear specific tips, tactics, and strategies on what you can do to help your business succeed in this new environment
  3. Learn what leading brands are doing to get business results now that you can apply to your brand

Final Thoughts

It’s the most exciting time to be in marketing. The tectonic plates are shifting beneath us and I can’t wait for what is to come

The Retail Renaissance 2020 event is spread over three consecutive days, September 15th to 17th, with 60+ hours of live stream content containing keynote speakers, partner-sponsored panel sessions with brands/customers, and breakout sessions (regionally timed, globally accessible) along with virtual lunches and happy hours.

The full agenda for the festival will be launched in early August so be sure you’re subscribed to the blog and stay tuned on LinkedIn and Twitter for more.

The next few years will have plenty of changes in store for us — perhaps more than the past ten. But remember: As marketers, we need to embrace and celebrate that change. That’s what we all must prepare for and that’s what we’ll be learning about as a collective in September.

We can’t wait to see you there.

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