With summer in the rear-view mirror and the busy holiday shopping season now on the horizon, the Emarsys October Release 2023 — full of innovations to help marketers reach more customers and drive lasting loyalty — has arrived just in time! 

Read on to learn all about the latest enhancements to the Emarsys Customer Engagement solution, and how this release further empowers you, as a marketer, to accelerate business outcomes.  We’ll explore some of the latest innovations, including channel updates, reporting and analytics improvements, and enhancements for the marketer’s experience. 

Channel Updates

Today’s marketers know that, to truly engage customers, it’s not about getting customers to your brand — it’s about bringing your brand to customers on the channels they prefer. That’s why the Emarsys October Release 2023 offers several enhancements to improve your ability to reach more customers on more channels

TikTok Integration for Digital Ads

As one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, TikTok boasts more than 1 billion active global users, and that number is only rising. With that kind of audience size, your brand will absolutely want to dip its toes in the TikTok waters. 

The new TikTok Integration for Digital Ads in our latest product release enables Emarsys clients to expand their social reach and accelerate results. Here’s how: 

  • Maximize Return on Ad Spend to increase profitability:​​ Create, sync, and expand audiences across TikTok to connect with consumers on the social channels they prefer.
  • Enhanced omnichannel experiences​​: Complement active campaigns with targeted ads on TikTok and deliver more seamless cross-channel customer experiences that drive conversion​.
  • Seamless inbound lead generation​​: Seamlessly gather all your inbound leads with ad forms that sync directly to the Emarsys platform. Each form populates a dedicated contact list, which can then be used to target with customized welcome programs.
  • Boost your acquisition and retention strategies: Use data-driven customer insights to fuel digital ads that convert leads and re-engage at-risk customers​​.

Content Blocks in Web Channel

Drag-and-drop content blocks and personalization tokens are just one of the many ways Emarsys Customer Engagement empowers you to be agile and flexible. The new Content Blocks in Web Channel expands this further. 

Now, you can create content blocks for web channel campaigns with flexibility, using the HTML editor or drag-and-drop predefined blocks that can be customized as needed within seconds. This benefits you in several ways. 

  • Consistent and easy content management​​: Now you can create, manage, and distribute content for every engagement channel with ease​​.
  • Simplify omnichannel campaign execution​​: Connect with more customers across their preferred channel with a single content creation and management workflow​​

SMS Segmentation

The beauty of mobile is that, as a channel, it’s always with your customer wherever they’re at. This makes SMS a critical part of your omnichannel mix. Our latest product release offers enhancements to improve your SMS customer engagement

Now, you’ll be able to create and filter segments based on SMS campaigns and engagements including: 

  • Clicked/Not Clicked
  • At any time / in the last X number of days

This feature will also help you reduce the costs of SMS — craft SMS-specific campaigns that target only your most engaged customers, while filtering out less engaged audiences.

Personalization Tokens in Email Subject Line and Other Fields

The more you can personalize your email campaigns, the easier it will be to cut through the clutter and stand out in your customers’ inboxes. 

This new enhancement included in the Emarsys October Release 2023 will help you increase email open rates and engagement by enhancing the email subject line, “from name,” and “from email” fields with personalization tokens. 

  • Insert tokens: You can now add custom personalization tokens to the email basics fields.
  • Update tokens: Clicking on the token now opens the editing dialogue for personalization tokens.​
  • Reduce complexity: Personalization and conditional tokens now have a unified look and feel across the email UI.

Reporting and Analytics

Our customers often tell us that one of the most valuable capabilities of the Emarsys Customer Engagement solution is the built-in reporting and analytics. With reporting and analytics, you can better understand your customers, optimize your campaigns, and measure your impact on revenue. 

The Emarsys October Release 2023 now empowers you to get even more from your reporting and analytics. Read on to learn how.

Audience Reporting

Audience Reporting is what allows you to measure the performance of your customer segments and gain knowledge to better engage your key target audiences. With the insights that come from Audience Reporting, you can craft unique 1:1 experiences that lead to deeper relationships and greater customer loyalty. We’ve updated Audience Reporting in the follow ways:

  • Data can now be exported to a CSV file
  • Flexible 3-months selection (as far back as the data is available)

Campaign Analytics

We know that, for marketing teams to succeed, they need the ability to adapt and optimize their marketing campaigns over time — Campaign Analytics in the Emarsys Customer Engagement solution help marketers to do exactly that. 

The latest enhancements to Campaign Analytics enable you to:

  • Evaluate the performance of your campaigns from a single dashboard, streamlining your workflow and saving you time. 
  • Make informed, data-based decisions more easily, helping you assess campaign effectiveness across the different channels and your database with ease. 
  • Better measure selected campaigns based on factors like engagement (trends), engagement summary, and performances (based on revenue impact). 

Coming Soon: Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is one of the most valuable tools a marketer can use to understand customer behavior and search intent. That’s why we are hard at work perfecting a new Google Analytics Integration for our solution. 

Our Google Analytics Integration is currently being piloted and tested by our customers before its made generally available across our entire platform next year, but we wanted to give you a sneak peak into its features and functionality before its release.

Once this enhancement is available, you’ll be able to easily connect Google Analytics with your Emarsys platform, allowing you to create new segments based on data from Google Analytics such as website event and behavioral data. You will be able to use GA segments in Automation Center to run nurture or lifecycle automation programs. 

The Marketer’s Experience 

At Emarsys, we’re all about bringing power to the marketer. One of the ways we can empower you is to help you work faster, and smarter, so you can do more with less. Here are some new enhancements to help improve your day-to-day experience working in the Emarsys platform:

Subject Line Generation with Generative AI

We always innovate — it’s one of our core values. That’s why we look to embrace AI in our solution when and where possible to ensure we’re providing our clients the best omnichannel customer engagement solution available. 

In our latest product release, the Subject Line Generation with Generative AI enhancement leverages the power of AI to empower marketers in building more engaging email content. Here’s how: 

  • Save time on email creation​: Use AI to create subject lines easily based on the email content or simple text prompts​.
  • Make subject lines more creative and engaging: Generate unique subject lines or improve existing ones with data-driven AI suggestions including personalization and emojis​.
  • Optimize email performance and open rates​: A/B test AI-generated and traditional subject lines to discern which emails will drive the most engagement.

Campaign Distribution Enhancement: Move to the Campaign List Page

When you’re a marketer with a million tasks to do in a single day, friction in the workflow can be a huge pain. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to make your workflow more seamless and effortless. 

This new update included in our Emarsys October Release 2023 will improve your workflow and ensure more consistency for your Campaign Distribution. Now, distribution of campaigns can be done from the Campaign List page, so you can easily:

  • Share campaigns across different accounts
  • Update branding across active campaigns
  • Ensure consistency across regions and languages

Enterprise SSO

How else can we reduce friction? How about by saving you time and eliminating password fatigue? 

Enterprise SSO included in the latest release will allow you to use your centralized identity authentication and management for single sign-on when logging into the Emarsys platform for enterprise. This will include popular services such as Azure AD, Google, Okta, and more. ​

This is not only a time saver, but it helps in several other ways: 

  • Provides a more seamless login
  • Improves compliance and security capabilities
  • Helps connect disparate IT systems

Evening Theme (Dark Mode)​

Don’t let eye fatigue slow you down. If you’ve put in a full day’s work staring into the blazing light of your desktop monitor or laptop, you know that a brightly-colored interface can start to take its toll. That’s why dark mode is a popular option on so many devices and operating systems. 

Now, we’re offering something comparable for the Emarsys platform interface. 

The “Evening Theme” (dark mode) offers a new look to the interface, helping reduce light emitted by the screen and giving your eyes a break. 

More innovation to come!

At Emarsys, we’re passionate about providing marketers with the best omnichannel customer engagement solution possible. We want to ensure you and your marketing team are fully empowered to deliver the highly personalized omnichannel experiences that your customers want while also driving the growth and revenue your business demands.

The Emarsys October Release 2023 is a continuation of our passion for innovation. But rest assured, we’re not stopping! We have plenty more new features, enhancements, and innovations in the works, so be sure to check in on our Emarsys Product Release hub for more information about our releases, along with helpful videos and resources, plus links to our user community and product pioneer opportunities.