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Marketer-Led Moments Throughout the Year

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Elevating the Art & Science of Marketing

The 2023 Power to the Marketer Festival is a year-long series of marketer-led moments happening all across the globe, showcasing the work of individuals and teams blending art and science to create masterful customer experiences and achieve results that keep their brands thriving. 

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Real innovators, in real life. Meet us in Munich, New York, London, Melbourne, and Hong Kong to gather with peers and network with some of the world’s most forward-thinking marketers.

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Virtual masterclass, digital sessions, on-demand content — no matter where you’re at in the world, discover strategies and insights used by industry leaders and marketing experts from across the globe.

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About the Festival

What will I learn?

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The ART of

Be inspired by how fellow marketers creatively leverage content and channels to deliver differentiated experiences their customers love​.  

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The SCIENCE of Marketing

Dig into the data strategy and technology stacks that serve as the backbone of successful marketing programs that drive business results. 

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TRUE Customer Loyalty

See how brands that master both the art and science of marketing achieve true customer loyalty that results in long-lasting relationships and better business outcomes. 


Highlights from Last Year’s Festival

Check out a few of our favorite moments from last year’s Power to the Marketer Festival. 

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Omnichannel Masterclass

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