While 2020 was a time when brands scrambled to survive, 2021 invites us to adapt and acclimate with a new kind of agility.

How? Through exceptional, customer-led experiences that drive sustained business growth… despite data privacy legislation, public health crises, or government regulations.

Despite what some critics have speculated, our leaders, partners, customers, and analyst community are leaning into a changing (not dying) retail space, poised for a transformation.

We’re bringing together retail professionals who are working in the trenches to bring you the strategies, tactics, and insights you need to succeed in today’s customer-focused world of retailing.

Our second annual virtual event, this year called Retail Revival, will feature five new themes over three days of presentations. More than a dozen speakers from around the world representing companies such as Facebook, PUMA, Lounge Underwear and more, will deliver impactful presentations.

EVENT: Retail Revival 2021: Emarsys Digital Festival
WHO: 40+ sessions from global retailers, leading tech pioneers, & industry analysts
WHAT: Round-the-clock, 3-day extravaganza featuring 5 big themes
WHEN: June 15-17, 2021

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Leveraging Insights in First-Party Data

Thriving in 2021 means intelligently using customer data to deliver hyper-personalized experiences.

However, the threshold for acquiring customer data has gone up. Marketers now require clear permission to gather audience information and to continue communicating with them. Advertising, analytics, and personalization are all predicated on convincing consumers to give up their personal, private information in exchange for real value.

Marketing that feels like “marketing” is doomed. Marketing that honors a customer’s choice and overwhelms audiences with value is the future.

In this track, learn the trending strategies and tactics savvy brands are using to entice buyers to exchange information and engage.

Personalized Marketing Is Becoming Real

Touching customers’ lives in 2021 means understanding their expectations, giving them the freedom to shop anywhere, at any time, and providing personalized experiences that respect their preferences.

Fact: customers have more product and service choices than ever before, and they move more quickly across all touch points.

So, staying relevant means delivering personalized marketing through contextual, enriching experiences. Marketers need to improve speed to market with campaigns and offers that are relevant on a 1:1 level.

Speakers across this theme will teach us how their brand drives growth and improves customer lifetime value by through personalized experiences at scale.

Creating Memorable Moments in Real-Time

Customers engage with multiple brands, more quickly across more channels and devices. Brands need to be engaging with and meeting customers with a relevant personalized message in the moment they are interacting across their preferred channel.

When customers come to your brand, do you know more about them than they do? Reach and relevance are one thing, but predicting what customers may need is the next level.

We’re moving away from linear one-way mass communications. Now it’s about building a two-way relationship with customers and engaging with them on their terms, underscored by relevance and consistency across all touchpoints.

Learn how to build an event-driven architecture that enables “personalization everywhere” and create engagement touchpoints that take your brand from transactional to transformational.

Making Loyalty a Central Pillar

Marketers are measuring value in new ways. They’ve learned that growing customer relationships pays long-term dividends.

Customer loyalty programs allow retailers to compete on more than price and service,  and instead, provide a community for ongoing exclusivity, education, and rewards.

In fact, leading loyalty programs are reducing discounts, customer acquisition costs, all while increasing lifetime value. It’s time to transform your loyalty program to a revenue (not cost) center.

In these sessions, learn how leading brands use loyalty programs to deliver profitable growth. You’ll find out  why successful loyalty programs place more emphasis on the opt-in and engagement, and less on dollars… all while driving customer value over time. 

From In-Store to Omnichannel, Online and Offline

The in-store shopping experience has shifted dramatically in the last 24 months. At first, consumers demanded top-tier experiences for in-person browsing and buying, but that has been upended beyond our control.

The new way of shopping needs strategies that can drive success across all commerce channels through personalized experiences anywhere a customer interacts – online, in store, mobile, and elsewhere.

See how your peers are reallocating dollars to digital while finding a better balance among all channels.


Defined by established strategies and new tools and tactics that can finally bring them to life, retail is poised for a transformational, tech-infused explosion.

The success of retail in this economically-uncertain environment depends on this one thing: how well brands can think like their customers.

Customer obsession and customer intimacy are where we’re talking.  But if you’re ready to revitalize your revenue with stronger customer relationships, then don’t miss out on this global event that will set the bar for online conferences.

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Join the 2nd Emarsys digital festival, Retail Revival, and become more customer-centric than ever in 2021!

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