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SAP Emarsys Provides 385% ROI

Organizations who use Emarsys are finding higher channel adoption, greater productivity, and less IT cost and reliance. According to an IDC Business Value study sponsored by SAP, interviewed organizations achieved $4.7 million per year in benefits with 35% more productive marketing teams.

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Key Results

Insights are based on seven interviews IDC conducted with SAP Emarsys global customers across retail (4), financial services (1), manufacturing (1), and real estate (1).


3-year ROI


Achieved per year in benefits


Of revenue is attributed to use of Emarsys

Higher Channel Adoption

25% Increase in omnichannel campaigns

Greater Productivity

35% More productive marketing teams

Less IT Cost and Reliance

53% Quicker
campaign launches

My organization has benefited from having the data in the same place. It has given us the ability to set up a campaign in 1 day compared to 1 week. Also, the number of people involved in a campaign decreased significantly when we moved to Emarsys“

IDC Business Value Snapshot, sponsored by SAP, The Business Value of SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

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To satisfy today’s customers, simply personalizing on multiple channels won’t cut it — you need to provide seamless, consistent experiences across all channels.

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The Results From Our IDC Business Value Study

To increase customer loyalty and grow your business in a tough economy, your marketing team must be able to effectively engage customers across channels with personalized content. With SAP Emarsys, we found marketing teams see:

  • Higher channel adoption
  • Greater productivity
  • Less IT cost and reliance

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