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The Business

As Germany’s leading agency in connected commerce, hmmh is one of Emarsys’ Expert Solution Partners. For over 25 years, they’ve supported companies around the globe in launching digital transformations. With their innovative solutions, they help create seamless user experiences tailored to their customers’ businesses across all touchpoints. Their goal is to help clients make the boundaries between online and offline disappear for a seamless experience.

25 years of launching digital transformations
Partnering with Emarsys since 2019
20+ Emarsys Projects

The Partnership with Emarsys

hmmh has been a partner of Emarsys since 2019, and their team brought over 8 years of experience in working with Emarsys to the partnership. This meant that they could hit the ground running in integrating Emarsys solutions to their existing customer base which, thanks to their more than 25 years of experience in connected commerce and broad base of existing customers, meant onboarding existing customer consulting projects right from the start. They are currently working with more than twenty Emarsys projects. 

One feature that made this a natural partnership for hmmh is Emarsys’ integration with commerce solutions like SAP Commerce & Shopware, as it provided synergy with the work they do with their clients of connecting customers’ landscapes to unify data and expand omnichannel marketing capabilities, advanced customer segmentation, and personalization options. Since Emarsys allows businesses to deliver personalized experiences across multiple channels, this made it an attractive choice for enhancing customer engagement and driving marketing campaigns effectively for hmmh’s clients.

hmmh director on choosing to partner with Emarsys

The Challenges Faced by hmmh Clients

  • Connecting the online to offline shopping experience
  • Scale personalization and retention through loyalty
  • Increase engagement beyond just AOV and purchase frequency

hmmh works with clients at every stage of growth. Often, clients bring their frustration with marketing strategies that are proving ineffective, or aren’t scaling like they used to. For some, the manual workload is becoming untenable, and it’s resulting in missed opportunities.

“Emarsys is quite an easy sell, actually. Because when we show the customer what it can do and how it can benefit them, what the return on investment is, we get them convinced pretty easily.”

Success Story Hmmh Quote Amir Tchavoshinia
Amir Tchavoshinia
Unit Director, hmmh AG

The Solution

To work with Emarsys clients who want to bring their marketing to the next level, hmmh focuses on these key areas:

Strategic Thinking and Implementation

Without personalized content and targeted messaging, hmmh has found that their customers’ marketing fails to get the results they’re hoping for. That’s when hmmh suggests Emarsys’ advanced segmentation and personalization capabilities, to help businesses tailor their marketing efforts to each customer’s preferences. A solid implementation leads to improved customer engagement and conversion rates.

During the Emarsys adoption process, hmmh collaborates with the client to understand their specific business needs and goals. They work together to set up and configure the Emarsys platform, ensuring that it aligns with the client’s requirements and integrates seamlessly with their existing systems.

To leverage the full potential of Emarsys, integration with other systems like CRM, e-commerce platforms, or customer databases is essential. hmmh assists the client in integrating Emarsys with these systems to centralize customer data, enabling a holistic view of their audience and enabling targeted marketing efforts.

Automation and AI

With the need for personalization at scale, businesses may find themselves overwhelmed with repetitive tasks, leading to inefficiency and potential errors. Enter automation. hmmh helps their clients maximize the value of Emarsys’ campaign automation. By streamlining marketing processes, marketers are able to set up triggered campaigns such as abandoned cart and back-in-stock messages, autoresponders, and personalized workflows. This saves time and effort, freeing up teams for more strategic initiatives and innovation.

“We made evaluations, looked at different marketing solutions, and chose Emarsys as the most user-friendly and brings the best business value and really looked at the market and made this decision.”

Success Story Hmmh Quote Amir Tchavoshinia
Amir Tchavoshinia
Unit Director, hmmh AG

Improving Customer Experience

A lack of cross-channel cohesion can mean that customers receive disjointed messages across various platforms. This leads to a fragmented, unsatisfying customer experience. By helping clients implement a connected, cross-channel solution, hmmh knew that they would be helping their clients with customer retention and loyalty. Emarsys’ omnichannel marketing approach ensures a consistent and cohesive brand experience.

hmmh supports the client in creating engaging content for various marketing channels, including emails, mobile push notifications, social media, and more. This collaboration involves both technical implementation, such as setting up email templates, and creative aspects like designing visually appealing content that aligns with the brand’s identity and resonates with the target audience.

Improved ROI and Customer Loyalty

Adding the right solution allows hmmh clients to nurture leads, retain customers, and maximize revenue. Their partnership with Emarsys empowers the businesses hmmh works with to seize marketing opportunities, enhance customer relationships, and drive business growth.

Ongoing Support and Optimization

Even after Emarsys adoption, hmmh maintains an ongoing relationship with the client. They provide support, troubleshoot any issues, and continuously optimize marketing campaigns based on data insights and performance metrics. Regular analysis and refinement ensure that the client’s marketing efforts remain effective and relevant.

Emarsys continues to evolve our platform to fuel ongoing improvement

Personalization Engine
  • Personalization Tokens
  • Event Based Targeting
  • Segment Targeting
  • Lifecycle
  • Interactions
  • Transactional
Customer Lifecycle
  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Growth
  • Loyalty
Intelligence and Analytics
  • Deliverability Reporting
  • Strategic Dashboard
  • Revenue Analytics
Omnichannel Integrations
  • Attentive

Successful Use Case: BABOR

hmmh implemented Emarsys with their client BABOR. BABOR is a leading international lifestyle and beauty brand. It remains a family business even sixty years after its founding. They engaged with hmmh to renew its CX stack. As part of the project, hmmh implemented the SAP Emarsys Marketing Automation solution.

Challenge: BABOR was using various tools for communication with its B2C and B2B customers. These were partly stand-alone solutions that created a lot of manual effort.

Performance: hmmh performed a data connection and data cleansing of previous systems, and advised BABOR of the potential unlocked by automation. They created a mailing template based on the BABOR corporate design and implemented it in SAP Emarsys and in the onsite connection at the online shop.

Result: hmmh implemented various use cases in SAP Emarsys for the core market of Germany and created blueprints for other markets. They enabled deeper personalization and optimized the deliverability rate. With newly cleansed data in SAP Emarsys and personalized communication to customers, this hmmh client is now ready to scale up personalization and improve ROI.

Successful Use Case: Allnatura

Allnatura is one of the leading home and living suppliers for ecologically and fairly produced products for healthy sleep and natural living. With over 35 years of experience, the family-run company is one of the most experienced suppliers in their field.

Challenge: With an established customer base, Allnatura was looking to scale customer loyalty. Riot to their work with hmmhm they were focusing only on simple campaigns and automations. In addition, Allnatura had an outdated email template design and there was no cross-channel targeting of contacts. They were engaged only in rudimentary personalization. Despite the fact that they sell their goods in various countries, there was little to no country-specific communication. Their tracking needed work and they needed a plan for long-term customer retention.

Performance: hmmh developed and implemented cross-channel strategies tailored to Allnatura. They refreshed their e-mail templates and integrated state-of-the-art template blocks. They facilitated the use of Emarsys Web Channel, Digital Ads & Direct mailing. They restricted product and sales data to facilitate more personalized approaches to communicating with customers for Allnatura. They set up IETF Language Tag functionalities to address different country markets.

Result: Allnatura achieved measurable sales increases through automation routes along the entire customer journey. They increased newsletter sign-ups using Web Channels. Allnatura’s shopping cart abandonment reengagement is up 140,000 since January, 2023. Birthday message engagement is up 35,000 since February, 2023, with a lift from anniversary messages in the 45,000 range. The browse abandon campaign has resulted in an additional 110,000 reengagements and additional sales of €77,920 over the six-month period from April 28, 2023 to October 25, 2023.

The Impact

For hmmh, the partnership with Emarsys has added to an already robust set of tools for helping customers navigate an evolving ecommerce landscape. This has made them a trusted partner for companies looking for customized solutions for their marketing. Their extensive experience and in-depth understanding of Emarsys technology allow them to provide clients with the best possible support and advice.

The success of the Emarsys partnership has allowed hmmh to create a new unit and build a new team within their company for Emarsys implementation. This expansion led to new hiring and an expanded portfolio and an opportunity to offer a new, important solution to their existing customers. Overall, hmmh has increased revenue impact from around 6-8% to 10-12%. 


12% average revenue impact with Emarsys
64.9% average open rate for
client Allnatura
€77,920 additional sales for client Allnatura
16.8% average click rate for
client Allnatura

“Also, the developments that are happening right now, on the Emarsys end, and on SAP’s end, and how the different environments are getting closer together, it’s so exciting to be part of that.”

Success Story Hmmh Quote Amir Tchavoshinia
Amir Tchavoshinia
Unit Director, hmmh AG

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