Sony’s Marketing Story and its Ever-Evolving Online Strategy

Online marketplaces, where price is a big factor in purchasing decisions, can be a challenging space for premium brands.  

How did Sony defend its position as a premium brand – without sacrificing sales or fighting on price and how is this strategy their foundation for going Direct To Customer?  

With a revolutionary virtual stock platform and a dedicated retailer marketing suite, Sony is undergoing a dramatic pivot to an automated solution that will allow them to accelerate their Direct To Consumer strategy.  

Watch Yaroslav Andreev, Sony’s Head of Online Sales & Marketing and Payal Hindocha, Emarsys’ Director Customer Engagement Solutions GTM as they unveil: 

  • Sony’s story and its ever-evolving online strategy to support their Direct To Consumer marketing efforts 
  • Removing retailer risk with a virtual stock solution 
  • Sony’s plans to build customer profiles from a number of online sources 
  • Quality over quantity – why email nurture isn’t part of their e-Commerce plans 

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