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How Gymshark Used Tech to Create a Brand That’s Worth Over £1 Billion

In August 2020, Gymshark became the UK’s newest £1bn start-up. The brand achieved this epic milestone because they know their customers backwards and use this to create a personalized experience.

Gymshark’s approach to understanding their customers is a lesson in humility. They are always breaking new ground when it comes to utilizing technology and customer data to understand and better engage their customers: 

  • Propensity to buy vs leave them alone 
  • Which channels to engage on across email, SMS, direct mail, paid advertising 
  • The optimal marketing programs, customer journeys and personalization that drive impact 
  • Using predictive models and machine learning to drive revenue 
  • How they segment their customers for personalization, brand & product communications that create a loyal community   

Watch this session to hear Sarah Brereton, Gymshark’s Head of CRM chat with Payal Hindocha, Emarsys Director Customer Engagement Solutions GTM about lessons the brand has learnt when it comes to hitting the moving target that is changing customer demand. 

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