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AI accelerated revenue growth by $250K in 90 days.


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Actionable AI to Scale 1:1 Personalization and Optimize Results

Established in 1985, Australia’s premier youth fashion retailer has grown to 70+ physical stores and 1.4 million database contacts. City Beach has digitally transformed their business, growing both in-store and online revenue. After rapid growth, the brand plateaued in terms of creating meaningful relationships with their customers. They needed help to scale their business to achieve 1:1 omnichannel engagement and prevent customer churn and drive repeat purchases.

With the use of AI integration within the Emarsys Retail Platform, City Beach saved time and avoided implementation issues compared to using a separate AI solution. After 90 days, they increased their leads converted to first-time buyers, first-time to second-time buyers, average order value, and revenue.
Mike Cheng
Mike Cheng,
Head of Digital,
City Beach

“We wanted a single marketing solution that could scale up with our business. Emarsys helped us join the dots across an increasingly complex customer journey with touchpoints from stores to website to customer service interactions. Implementing AI was a perfect fit for our retention and reactivation activities. AI was able to predict where people were churning or defecting at a 1:1 level, and this allowed us to send campaigns based on a customer’s individual life cycle.”

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