How the Original Social Network Increased Email Revenue and Reinvented Itself with Customer Data

As a brand, Tupperware has always relied on word-of-mouth to bring in new business, and it’s perfectly apt to think of them as the “original social network” – or at least an early example of influencer marketing. Women would use their social networks (and the networks of their friends) to sell products directly to one another in their homes at Tupperware parties. From the beginning, Tupperware has always been about relationships first and products second.

With the modern age of e-commerce, Tupperware wanted to enhance “the party” through digital transformation, leveraging data and personalizing communications. But with a massive sales force all housing their data separately, it was a challenge for corporate to find the right partner to help them navigate the waters. With Emarsys, the Tupperware brand has been able to facilitate digital relationships, scale online communication, and personalize e-commerce campaigns to enhance usability for both consultants and customers. 

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“I think of all the email service providers and marketing automation technologies I’ve ever used, I have learned the most with Emarsys about different ways to approach the same issues, and, with you guys, that has revolutionized the way I work because I’m able to come up with answers quickly.”

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Kiara Sanchez-Mora,
Former CRM and Digital Outreach Strategist, Tupperware U.S. & Canada