Make Use of Your Data and Become More Customer-Centric

How do you actually make use of your data and become more customer-centric? Salling Group’s Jens Pytlich says: Execution.

You can have everything prepared, including digital strategy, new business opportunities, consent, customers, and data. But, if you don’t have the right people and the right tools in place, you will not reach your ultimate marketing goals.

Salling Group was looking to be more customer-centric and relay tailored, individualized experiences to each and every consumer. Hear from Jens Pytlich as he explains how to determine the right product, price, time and channel to push to your individual customers to keep them coming back.

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“Salling Group used their offline purchase data to drive online sales, by using automated audiences when running omnichannel campaigns. This resulted in 25% revenue growth within 5 weeks.”

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Jens Pytlich
Digital Marketing Manager Salling Group