Driving Revenue Growth with a Loyalty Program

As a B2B and B2C e-commerce tool supplier in Germany and Austria, Contorion decided to increase frequency and average order value to hit their ambitious revenue goals. To execute these strategies, the CRM team set out to create a customer loyalty program, but they had to build the proof of concept by themselves. With very little IT support, the team could only create an email loyalty system. The challenge was that loyalty profiles did not transfer well from the email channel to their customer database. However, this fledgling loyalty program drove up revenue 6%. Contorion knew they had to find an omnichannel solution to expand the program.

Integrated Loyalty + Unified Data = Empowered IT-Free Marketers

Contorion was able to fully integrate the Emarsys loyalty solution with their active omnichannel campaigns. As a result, they not only unified their customers’ data, but the entire customer experience as well. Using the Emarsys customer engagement platform and its drag-and-drop interface, Contorion’s marketers could now scale and personalize loyalty across each channel and include points, statuses, actions, and rewards. Contorion’s choice to partner with Emarsys has revolutionized the way in which the CRM team works and has greatly improved marketing’s contributions to overall revenue growth.

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“In the end, we compared three other vendors to Emarsys and for me, Emarsys was very personalized compared to the others, which had a much more generic approach to loyalty.”

Florian Menge - Contorion
Florian Menge,
Senior CRM Manager