A Customer Loyalty Program to Interact with Mobile Users in Real Time

Betclic Group is an online gambling company with five different brands that operate across 15+ countries in 10 languages. Betclic is the flagship brand of the group and is number one in sports betting in France and Portugal. 

The brand faced multiple challenges across all the countries they operate in and desired a more seamless and connected mobile experience.

By choosing the Emarsys customer engagement platform, Betclic better understands their mobile customers and leverages this data to automate journeys and interact in real time across multiple languages, regions, and brands. Betclic can now create highly personalized customer engagements, based on all the behavioral and purchase data they’ve obtained.  

“Emarsys differentiated itself because it was one tool that did everything: the truly integrated omnichannel aspect, the marketing automation, and its advanced capabilities in terms of reporting. Email, SMS, Push… everything communicates well and easily. It was facilitated by the user- friendly approach of the solution. Additionally, we needed an open and scalable solution that could partner with our internal ecosystem, which the platform could easily integrate into.”

Jean-Baptiste Chapelleaubos
Jean-Baptiste Chapelleaubos
Customer Engagement Solutions Manager at Betclic