Upgrades build on platform’s AI heritage to advance generative AI capabilities, as marketers declare AI essential to increasing customer engagement 


Indianapolis, June 12, 2024 – SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement today announces its June 2024 product release, featuring a host of omnichannel additions, enterprise enhancements and AI-infused features that build on the platform’s long-standing heritage in artificial intelligence – and reflect a new study that shows AI is one of the most powerful streamlining tools available to marketers.


The latest research from SAP Emarsys, surveying over 250 marketers and 2,000 consumers in the United States, has found most marketers (88%) see AI as essential to increasing customer engagement. Similarly, 61% of shoppers support further integration of AI into their retail experiences. Marketers leveraging AI are reaping the benefits, with 78% experiencing an increase in customer engagement, and three-fourths (75%) reporting a boost in customer loyalty. As a result, marketers (72%) are increasing their AI investments to continue driving customer engagement.


With that in mind, the updates reflect the desire and urgency of marketers to use AI to supercharge personalized campaigns and productivity, strengthening the platform’s AI features and functions, and enabling marketers to benefit from the time-saving powers of generative AI:

  • AI Subject Line Generator. Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, SAP Emarsys’ Subject Line Generator is set for General Availability in July. It enables marketers to generate unique, context-specific subject lines that factor in language preferences, natural language prompts, and the desired level of creativity — all directly within a user’s email editor. 84% of marketers agree that email subject lines written by AI get higher open rates. 
  • AI Preheader Generator. Having a symbiotic relationship with subject lines, preheader copy is another important element to capturing readers attention and increasing email opens. Capitalizing on the groundwork laid by the Subject Line Generator, the Preheader Generator will also enter General Availability in July, empowering marketers to create engaging email preheaders that reflect the context of the email, chosen subject line, user prompts and settings. 
  • AI Product Finder. Announced in pilot by SAP Emarsys in March, marketers can reduce the time it takes to find and insert specific products across their marketing campaigns from hours or days to seconds using keywords and heuristics to seamlessly search and map product catalog fields to the content template. Upcoming functionality will even allow users to “talk” to their product catalogs and identify the best products for campaigns using natural language prompts, such as “show me top selling shoes that are not on sale but have excess inventory.” 
  • AI Segment Generator. Entering pilot phase this summer, the AI Segment Generator will generate a human-readable description of existing segments – distilling hundreds of potential criteria, logic and operators – to aid comprehension and improve searchability. It can also be reverse engineered, turning natural language prompts into a new segment.

These features build upon an established history for SAP Emarsys in the AI space with tools like AI Segments, Product Recommendations and Send Time Optimization already used by customers like Brand Alley, Nike Hong Kong and PUMA.  


“It was very easy to integrate the Subject Line Generator (SLG) into the newsletter production workflow,” said Tanja Beeler, digital marketing specialist at Betty Bossi, part of Coop Group.With the SLG, we no longer have to switch to another tool to create the subject line, we waste less time with the prompt, so we are faster and have less hassle. The subject lines generated were always helpful and could be used straight away or with minimal tweaking. We now use SLG for almost all of our campaigns and wouldn’t want to be without it!”  


With marketers often expected to do more with less resources to scale personalized marketing campaigns, AI adoption and innovation is only set to continue. 


“Responsible, relevant and reliable AI has been part SAP Emarsys’ DNA for well over a decade — we’ve always been a data-driven platform to empower marketers’ intelligence,” said Kelsey Jones, global head of product marketing at SAP Emarsys. “With that in mind, we’re constantly innovating to push the boundaries of the tools available to marketers, so they can responsibly deliver innovations that make a crucial difference in fostering ‘true loyalty’ in a highly competitive, fast-paced global marketplace.” 


Beyond AI, the platform has also seen the introduction of new channels and features that connect additional data sources, enhance marketer intelligence and enable cohesive integration with key collaborators and technology partners: 

  • WhatsApp conversational messaging. Announced for early adopters and in partnership with Sinch, Emarsys users can now design, personalize and launch WhatsApp marketing campaigns and automations. 
  • LinkedIn Ads integration. Following its February pilot, integration with LinkedIn Ads has now reached General Availability – allowing marketers to better connect with over 1bn users through personalized ads, real-time contact importing, and seamless lead acquisition. 
  • Unified dashboard. This summer’s update introduces a new enterprise reporting dashboard in Pilot stage, that provides a cross-account view of key metrics such as engagement levels and revenue. These metrics can be compared across all business units within an organization, providing a clear frame of reference with which to review campaigns and performance. 
  • Solution connectors and integrations. Updates across the SAP Emarsys partner ecosystem include: a Real-Time SAP CDP Connector available to all users for the import of data from SAP CDP to the Emarsys platform, unlocking enhanced segmentation, personalization and automation of privacy-first customer engagements; a pilot for a new mParticle connector, enabling one-way synchronization from the 3rd-party customer data platform to Emarsys; plus, the Google Analytics integration becoming Generally Available, enabling web activity to power marketing campaigns and automations. 

You can find the full breakdown of the June Product Release by visiting the SAP Emarsys Product Release Hub here. For more insights into AI retail trends, download the SAP Emarsys AI in Retail Report: Power to the Marketer in the US here