Artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) may sound like something from a movie, but in reality, it’s a useful strategy that marketers can easily implement. AIM solutions introduce strategies designed to bridge the gap between data science and execution. Marketers can now easily sift through and analyze huge amounts of data in a relatively short timeframe, and armed with the insights this data offers they can boost campaign performance and ROI.

This isn’t just a fad either; it is widely recognized that AI solutions will dominate marketing by 2017. With consumer-facing platforms such as social media, blogs, and voice recognition software on the rise, there is more data available to than ever before. Marketers can lean on the efforts of AI to sort through this data and instead spend valuable time capitalizing on the resulting insights.

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Still need some more convincing? Here are some reasons why all marketers should use AI marketing:

1. Create compelling messaging that connects with customers

With AI solutions, marketers can harness customer data and truly understand what customers are thinking, feeling, and saying about the brand. Blogs, social media, and customer surveys offer a wealth of insight into how consumers view brands.

With AI, marketers can quickly analyze this data without manually sifting through spreadsheets to get to the deep insights hidden within.

2. Know how customers are reacting to a company’s brand at all times

Thanks to the internet, consumers can express and share their feedback in real time. This means marketers know exactly what customers are thinking about the brand, whether it’s a slew of tweets after a commercial, or comments on a Facebook live event.

Savvy marketers can harness this real-time data and modify messaging instantly for maximum reach and effectiveness.

3. Join consumer conversations that are already happening

AI solutions are constantly looking for new consumer trends, conversations, and events that are taking place. Brands can jump in and interact directly with consumers, influencing them at the precise moment to influence decisions.

Marketers should monitor social media accounts and other open forums to identify any relevant conversations. Joining customers in a familiar dialogue they understand builds their trust.

4. Leverage open content to supplement data and profiles

AI tools such as chat bots or speech recognition gather the free-form data consumers speak or type. Marketers can then take this data and supplement customer profiles to form a better picture of an ideal customer or customer population. This also helps when segmenting audiences based on demographics, preferences, or other factors.

AI solutions are closer than you think. The creative minds here at Emarsys are already implementing innovative, AI-driven marketing solutions. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, we are building AI solutions that can take over most of the tedious and time-consuming tasks that marketers have to conquer.

Final Thoughts

While artificial intelligence solutions are still relatively new, they are poised to take over marketing strategy within the next year. Marketers need to be ready to embrace the new wave of marketing intelligence in order to stay ahead of competition and connect with customers in meaningful ways.

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