That’s a wrap for Revolution 2018! A big thank-you to everyone who made Revolution 2018 special, from our attendees, speakers and sponsors through to the back-stage staff. It was an unforgettable 3 days of learning, networking, and fun. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Our final day of Revolution built on the Day 1 “consumer-first” theme. Sessions focused on the need for teamwork and collaboration among organizations and marketing professionals as we work to overcome challenges and meet heightened expectations in a complex, consumer-first world.

Here are some of the top takeaways from this action-packed day:

Allen Nance, CMO, Emarsys

Day 3 kicked off with Allen describing the essential role of teamwork and collaboration in our collective efforts to form productive, meaningful relationships and deliver better experiences to our customers. Allen hosted a panel and asked some thought provoking questions about customer experience… is the purchase experience now more important than the product being bought? The conclusion seemed to be that both product and experience are vital, but there’s no denying the shift in consumer expectations of brands!

Beth Horn, Industry Head, UK Retail and Restaurants, Facebook

Beth provided a unique perspective on how the world’s largest social media network collaborates with marketing professionals around the world to help them acquire new customers, increase loyalty, grow ecommerce revenue, and measure the efficacy and impact on their marketing programs. Beth illustrated that we consume content at a lightning pace… and the younger the audience, the faster the content consumption. It’s therefor vital to capture attention and deliver brand experiences that delight. To highlight this point Beth showcased three great Facebook video ads of varying lengths (but all being under 15 seconds!) from Bose, Heinz and Mr Clean. Her closing insights were about product discovery, and that we all enjoy uncovering hidden gems, or buying products we didn’t know we needed. In her case, these were disco gnomes, and she bought two of them!

Chris Pearce, CEO, TMW Unlimited

Chris shared insights into the art and science of using diverse teams and omnichannel strategies and campaigns to engage customers, genuinely influence behaviour, and successfully manage changing expectations in a consumer-first world. Chris spoke about the importance of neurological gateways in advertising, such as surprise, consistency and personal relevance. Each of his examples were paired with powerful, and real advertisements… referencing Nike, Kinder and Axe (Lynx). Chris’ keynote highlighted the creative side of marketing, and the amazing relationships that brands can forge with customers when their messages are delivered in the right way, to the right people at the right time.

The Emarsys Team, Drizly, CityBeach, and BrandAlley

Raj Balasundaram, Alex Timlin, and Erin Azar explored how the new Emarsys product has enabled success for our pilot clients, Drizly, CityBeach, and BrandAlley.

The Emarsys clients demonstrated that a trust in powerful analytics, simply visualized and paired with turnkey tactics can lead to incredible results. CityBeach shared some of their impressive uplifts, one of which being an 48% increase in active customers YOY.

Alex then added some context to Emarsys direction, explaining that the marketers role isn’t to be a data scientist. He humourously challenged the audience, anecdotally, to analyse billions of rows of data to work out the best time of the day to send an email to our guest speaker from BrandAlley, Alexandra Simion! His takeaway, is to trust in the machine that Emarsys is building to relieve the marketer. A user should be able to define their marketing strategy with simple sliders and switches, enabling them to spend more time focusing on creative.

Vince Reffet, Red Bull Athlete, Soul Flyers

Vince drove home the power of preparation and teamwork by sharing his exploits as one of the world’s most daring and successful aerial adventurists—and revealing the amount of meticulous effort and careful collaboration behind each successful feat. Allen and Vince discussed the Soul Flyers daring projects. Witnessing his practice sessions, we learnt that stunts don’t always go to plan, but tenacity and a willingness to push yourself leads to greatness. In Vince’s case, this can result in breathtaking outcomes, such as entering a plane through a small hatch in the fuselage mid-flight… in a wingsuit!

Not to mention, Vince announced the winner of the tandem skydive. Congratulations to Steff Lever from Quidco!

Thank  you again for helping us make Revolution 2018 a success. We can’t wait to see you next time!