1:1 Personalization at Scale with Emarsys

With a business model built on replacing broken or damaged items, taking care of customers is the foundation of Replacements’ success. Their marketing team needed a way to combine their superior in-store experience and outstanding phone service with their evolving e-commerce strategy. Learn how they transformed their online marketing strategy with the help of Emarsys.

Improved Engagement through Email and Web Browsing

Partnering with Emarsys allowed Replacements to significantly improve their personalized interactions with customers through email and web browsing, as well as increasing revenue with abandoned cart and browse abandonment campaigns.

“Emarsys gave us a more systematic and efficient way to segment and send out more one-to-one messaging. It’s a fairly easy integration, and we are actually seeing how it has created a positive return on our investment in the partnership and the cost of the tools that Emarsys has provided us.”

Linh Calhoun,
Chief Marketing Officer, Replacements, Ltd.