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Among the nine vendors evaluated by Forrester, Emarsys is among the leaders in The Forrester Wave™: Cross-Channel Campaign Management (Independent Platforms), Q4 2019.

Forrester’s researchers have determined the nine most significant providers in CCCM by evaluating them across 40 criteria.

The report stated, “Emarsys differentiates with a comprehensive CCCM offering… Emarsys complements its core platform with industry-focused AI tools that drive personalization and surface marketing insights.”
This wouldn’t be possible without our customers and partners. Our innovative success depends on giving marketers real-world solutions to the campaign challenges they face, and our customers and partners provide some of the best operational feedback there is. We are proud to be a part of their successes.

This Is Not an Accident

Over the last two decades, our developers have built our platform and SaaS tools from the ground up with today’s marketer in mind. We set out to make campaign management faster, more efficient, and easier for marketers to learn than our competitors do.
Emarsys received the highest scores possible in 22 criteria, (such as AI, predictive analytics and machine learning, scheduling and automation, email, mobile, and social media to name a few).

Why This Report Matters So Much

The Forrester Wave™ CCCM Report includes vendors that were able to carry out campaigns across at least five channels, whether online or offline.
According to the report, “customer references on average reported using the Emarsys Marketing Platform to orchestrate marketing campaigns across 10 channels each — at least 40% more channels per implementation than any other vendor in this study.”

A Leader in Cross-Channel Campaign Management Never Stops Innovating

We’ve been strong in omnichannel, UX, and personalization for some time now, but we believe it is our recent innovation in machine learning, automation, and reporting that have made us the independent martech vendor with the highest scores possible in 22 criteria in Forrester’s report.
We are on a long-time journey at Emarsys, and we believe this report proves just how successful our hard work has been.

  • With 20 years of experience in making data work for clients, we offer AI-powered solutions that grant marketers a comprehensive system for executing cross-channel campaigns.
  • By listening to thousands of clients for the industry insights that matter most to them, we continuously improve our technology to deliver our e-commerce, retail and travel expertise in a way that makes the most immediate impact.
  • We are all about innovation and invest 25% of revenue back into R&D.
  • We’ve made our customer data platform (CDP) and omnichannel automations even stronger than they were.
  • We know your business, and we know the best strategies and tactics for you to achieve growth. That’s why we added a Strategic Dashboard that helps marketers stay on task and drive successful campaigns.
  • The Emarsys platform allows marketers to execute industry-specific use cases that will move the needle for you, in days, not months.

And by keeping marketers in mind when we create our solutions, Emarsys “boasts the largest CCCM install base”” as stated in the new report.
“We believe Forrester’s recognition of Emarsys is testament to the strength of our AI-driven marketing platform, and we’re delighted to see our expertise in omnichannel, AI, customer data analytics, campaign delivery and strategy amongst others acknowledged as outstanding.” — Raj Balasundaram, SVP of AI, Emarsys

More to Come

To quote one of our all-time heroes, “We are the champions, my friends.” And we’ve worked so hard to be able to say that.
But we’re not done innovating. Success like this only makes us more committed to finding ways to help marketers engage with customers who deserve to be treated as individuals, not segments.
We’ll keep listening to marketers. And marketers, you keep an eye on us. Innovation never sleeps here. We’re building things now that will help marketers connect with customers in even more engaging ways.
But for now, please join us in celebrating this magnificent achievement!
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