Improved ‘marketers’ experience’ dramatically decreases the technology adoption gap and reduces time to value using software with embedded knowledge, personalized to specific industry verticals

London, UK and Emarsys Revolution – October 17th, 2018Emarsys, the largest independent marketing platform company in the world, announces the most significant overhaul of its software since inception. The result is the introduction of a ground-breaking new marketing technology solution, re-engineered to effectively offer marketers individualized experiences based on their specific industry vertical and business needs. It moves away from the technology toolbox model and issues associated with ‘empty software’ to a more proactive solution that comes pre-populated with proven industry knowledge that is embedded in the platform from the outset.

The rising expectations of today’s digital consumer has led to marketers turning to technology for help in delivering the ‘personal touch’ at scale across multiple channels. As technology capabilities have grown, so has the complexity of use to the point where marketers are feeling overwhelmed. It has resulted in a widening gap between implementation and adoption of functionalities leaving in its wake a mountain of redundant or ‘empty software’. Over time, as the issue has become more evident, the industry has mobilized with solution providers looking at ways to turn back the tide.

Emarsys has risen to the challenge and is initially launching platforms tailored to ecommerce, retail and airline sectors, with other verticals due to be introduced in 2019. It will help marketers accelerate deployment of marketing campaigns without having to go through the endless set-up process of dragging and dropping data into empty cells, all for uncertain outcomes. Customers already benefiting from this new solution include ecommerce brands City Beach and BrandAlley, as well as European airline, Wizz Air.

The enhanced platform comprises Emarsys Strategic Dashboard and Emarsys Tactics. The new Strategic Dashboard allows marketers to tie their marketing results directly to stated business objectives. Beyond tracking and connecting real-time business performance to execution, it recommends industry specific strategies and feeds these into an already pre-built tactics engine which contains all creative elements and the relevant data. These solutions are orchestrated to meet marketer challenges unique to their sector. This new development drives faster time to value and puts marketers in a position where they can finally meet the rising expectations of their consumers as well as increasing demands from today’s businesses.

By raising the entry point for users so that the implementation and adoption of marketing tech stacks is quicker, brands can graduate faster from foundational marketing tools to more advanced ones, such as AI and machine learning. This allows them to move past the problem of human-driven personalization not scaling and achieving the aspirational goal of true 1:1 individualization, in real-time, which Emarsys believes is the ultimate promise of marketing.

“With all our data in Emarsys, BrandAlley already benefits from a more refined level of segmentation that plugs straight into our ad strategy to provide really tailored campaigns. The platform also automatically matches content to every audience and this has led to marked increases in engagement with inactive customers. We take the insights from these campaigns to build others, but now with the new solution, that workload has been taken away as the strategies come pre-orchestrated, with supporting tactics pre-built. If you know your business objective, this experience really is a case of ‘plug & play,” commented Alexandra Simion, Head of Marketing at BrandAlley.

“Our inspiration for this new product vision came about through a growing empathy for marketers striving to deliver on this promise of personalization at scale by using sophisticated, smart software, but were increasingly feeling completely overwhelmed and no longer enabled, as a result,” said Hagai Hartman, Chief Innovation Officer and Founder at Emarsys. “A common example is the everyday spreadsheet. Everyone receives the same empty template and is expected to use it to transform their businesses. However, it takes forever to populate and years to master. If you’re not an expert in writing formulas you are unlikely to use more than one tenth of that application’s capabilities, thereby never achieving the ultimate ROI. This situation is also true of marketing automation software. The lack of empathy that marketers come across, combined with the rising challenges of data and other dependencies, is startling. Therefore, our mission is now to solve that problem, thereby differentiating ourselves in today’s competitive marketplace.”

“At Emarsys, we truly believe that if we personalize the user experience for marketers, they will do a much better job of personalizing the experience for consumers. The idea that software is amazing if only you got better at using it is crazy. Software should be doing the hard work of ensuring marketers are able to meet company objectives, not standing in the way of them and the profits and growth they facilitate,” he concluded.

City Beach integrated Emarsys’ software in 2017, a decision that proved to be a giant leap forward, resetting what we thought was possible from a mar-coms platform. We’ve seen a +100% increase in revenue from key channels, and that wasn’t one week, we’ve sustained that growth. My small team could stop at sustained revenue growth, but they’re now getting campaigns to market faster while delivering a significantly more personalized experience – all at a reduced cost. The icing on the cake was access to data that was once hidden away. “Big Data” doesn’t look like the matrix anymore – it’s now accessible and we have unprecedented insight into our customers’ preferences and their behaviours. I like to say Emarsys is our ROI engine – making what we were doing more efficient and providing the time and tools to focus on innovation, such as AI. We’re always keen on differentiating ourselves through more distinctive creative, content and overall marketing strategy, it’s nice to have time for that. Emarsys has revolutionized our experiences as marketers, and anticipated results of the new Tactics engine, for instance which contains all creative elements and the relevant data, is one that will take our ability to deliver seamless, unforgettable campaigns to another level,” said Michael Doyle, CMO at City Beach.


Notes to editors
• Emarsys Strategic Dashboard and Tactics products will be available on general release in Q1 2019 for ecommerce, retail and airline verticals
• Other vertical solutions will follow later in 2019 and ongoing

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