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Elevating the Art & Science of Marketing In Person

The Power to the Marketer Festival 2023, presented by Emarsys, showcased how top brands bring together art and science to create masterful customer experiences that inspire loyalty and achieve results that drive business outcomes.

Our stellar line-up of speakers from across retail and consumer product sectors shared tactics and insights on how to connect data to deliver next-level customer experiences. We dove deep into current macroeconomic trends and what they mean for cross-border e-commerce, and explored strategies for inspiring brand loyalty in the new generation of Asian shoppers.

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Canvas at The Park Lane, Hong Kong

The event was located just across from Victoria Park, offering an exclusive and lavish venue for marketing and brand leaders to rub shoulders.

Why brand leaders attended Hong Kong

Icn Learn

The Art of Digital Loyalty

Leaders learnt how marketers at top brands succeed in the real world by building meaningful relationships with customers through content, channels, creativity & connection.

Icn Trueloyalty

The Science of Loyalty

Marketing experts discovered next-level tactics to help unlock data insights that allow you to understand your customers as individuals and connect with them at impactful moments.

Icn Welcome

CMO to CMO Networking

Like-minded senior marketers connected in the heart of the city at an exclusive venue with access to industry experts well-versed in the Art & Science of driving customer loyalty.

Session Highlights

Welcome Remarks

Marketing is about science – the technology, the data, and the analysis that enables us to understand our customers. At the same time, marketing is about art – the creativity, the design, and the magical moments that make a brand resonate. Join us as we bring together the art and science of marketing and explore proven strategies that can help marketers outperform their business goal

Daniel Hagos Emarsys
Daniel Hagos General Manager & SVP of Revenue APAC

Brand Success Story

Client Success Team Lead for Greater China, Fiona Ho, will introduce Vitasoy, a brand from Hong Kong who are making a significant mark in an uncertain market and discuss their success story.

Fiona Ho Emarsys
Fiona Ho Client Success Team Lead, Greater China
Lydia Yau Vitasoy
Lydia Yau Head of Group Marketing Strategies and Communications

Realise the Power of Omnichannel, Personalised Engagement: Product & Strategy Innovations

Consumers today continue to change their spending habits in response to the ongoing shifts in the economic climate. Marketers and their technology have to adapt to meet the latest trends. In this session, we’ll dive deep into our main areas of investment for 2024 and beyond. You’ll get a clear understanding of what you can expect with the Emarsys platform and how it will help marketers innovate with speed and agility to keep up with the pace of consumers.

Michael Jonas Emarsys
Michael Jonas Global Vice President, Client Success

Brand Success Story (Mandarin)

RVP of Revenue, Ginnie Lam, will introduce a brand from Greater China making a big wave in the industry and discuss their success story.

Ginnie Lam Emarsys
Ginnie Lam RVP Revenue, Greater China
Tevis Liang Midea
Tevis Liang Head of eCommerce

Adapt and Excel: Strategies for Success in a Shifting Macroeconomy (Mandarin)

Surging inflation and a looming global recession are having a big impact on marketers — budgets are tighter, leaders are turning up the pressure to prove value, and customers are more difficult to acquire. In this discussion, we’ll hear from leading brands on how marketers can adapt to overcome resource constraints, including how taking audit of your technology stack can make a difference in time and cost savings for your business. Also, we’ll take a look at cross-border e-commerce, ways to appeal to the changing values of young people, and how AI can help marketers tackle challenges in new ways.

Ivan Min Sap
Ivan Min (Host) Customer Experience Head
Simon Wang Ecoflow
Simon Wang Head of Global DTC Department
Wenliang Wu Concentrix
Wenliang Wu Digital Solutions & Operations Lead

Lessons from Loyalty a Leader

Over the past few years, we’ve seen how brands have been able to survive and thrive against rising costs, supply chain constraints and changing consumer behaviour. Top marketers are focusing on creating omnichannel brand experiences that prevent customers from looking elsewhere. In this conversation, we’ll explore how leading a retailer was able to create frictionless experiences across channels in a world of disruptions. We’ll discuss the importance of diversifying your channel mix and ways to maximise the impact of AI in digital marketing.

Daniel Hagos Emarsys
Daniel Hagos (Host) General Manager & SVP of Revenue APAC
Sidhanth Gopishetty Toysrus
Sidhanth Gopishetty Former GM of Marketing at Toys R Us

Thank You & Closing

Daniel Hagos Emarsys
Daniel Hagos General Manager & SVP of Revenue APAC

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