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City Beach has been around since 1985. But due to legacy marketing technology systems and a general lack of awareness about who and what the brand was, their customer base wasn’t growing how it should’ve been.

Mike Doyle, Head of Marketing at City Beach, led an effort to provide email personalization across the customer lifecycle to improve omnichannel efforts and increase customer lifetime value. With Emarsys, they were able to automate completely personalized campaigns, populate unique emails for each individual contact in their email database, and drive more repeat purchases. How? That was the subject of Doyle’s presentation at Revolution 2018.

Watch Mike’s full-length half-hour presentation

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With the help of Emarsys, City Beach incorporated more personalization into their email marketing approach – including gender-based content and lifecycle-appropriate content.

City Beach personalization
City Beach moved from “batch-and-blast” emails to a more evolved personalized approach with the help of Emarsys.

These fully-personalized, automated emails helped City Beach achieve a 105% in YoY email revenue and add $400 to active customer lifetime value.

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