At Total Tools, Australia’s largest professional tool retailer, we had robust information about our clients, but we also had a problem: it was all siloed. 

Our martech wasn’t able to drive omnichannel experiences across platforms, and it didn’t give us unified views of our customers. We were meeting customers where they were – email, SMS, online search – but the conversations we were having with them weren’t coordinated across channels. We lacked the capacity to show them the products that they were showing interest in across channels. Ultimately, this led to friction in our loyalty program. 

We wanted to deliver value in real time. When our customers showed interest in a product, or when they had a need our products could fill, we needed to be there with the right message on the right channel. High on our list of priorities was to deliver more tailored product recommendations based on what we knew about our consumers. Our experience with Emarsys was documented in a case study that lays out the steps we took to achieve better results.

Integrating data for better results

Enter our partnership with Emarsys. Using the platform, we were able to stitch together all our customer data points into a unified view. With Emarsys’ Integrated Data Layer, we were able to unify, cleanse, remove duplicates, and analyze first-party data from business applications, customer data, and commerce solutions to create a holistic view of each customer. This allowed us to accelerate our 1:1 personalization. We leaned into the Emarsys automation center and pre-built tactics to create a more engaging loyalty experience.

Once we’d successfully unified our customer data, we were then able to scale personalized product recommendations reflecting a customer’s lifelong loyalty, as well as trigger meaningful personalized campaigns like welcome messages for first-time buyers.

The impact on ROI

The results were everything we’d hoped for. We experienced a 200% increase in loyalty sign-ups online and achieved a 15x return on investment for CRM ads, specifically Google and Facebook, dramatically impacting our reach and our bottom line. 

Emarsys has become the center of how we orchestrate the conversation with our customers. We’re using the customer’s interactions with our brand to drive a conversation with them.

And with AI and machine learning doing the heavy lifting for us, driving personalization at scale, we can focus on delivering a more rewarding customer experience.

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Elisse Jones
Group Head of Loyalty, Total Tools

The Impact

A 200% increase in our loyalty program and a 2x increase in click-through rates from adding AI product recommendations are just two of the ways we have seen our numbers improved after working to integrate our data and create omnichannel experiences for our customers.