For the majority of businesses, the pandemic has been a catalyst for technological advancement. With an explosion of customer data to handle and a need to reach consumers remotely, the speed at which businesses have had to evolve has increased dramatically.

For those forward-looking brands willing to adapt, the Covid-19 pandemic has provided an opportunity to tear out old systems and bring in new, more customer-centric technologies.

This is true for many new and existing Emarsys customers 一 not least of which are Feel Good Contacts UK and Feel Good Contacts Ireland. This month, Feel Good Contacts announced its new partnership with us. The UK and Ireland’s most popular online contact lens retailer is now equipped with data analytics and customer engagement tools specifically designed to grow its impressive customer base.

A Solution That Scales

For Feel Good Contacts, a combination of a successful ecommerce strategy and huge online popularity meant that the company ultimately outgrew its single-use email provider. The growing prevalence of customers using multiple touchpoints, and the subsequent need to capture and act on insights from new streams of consumer data, rendered a one-channel solution obsolete.

The preferred solution needed to be able to accommodate business growth and drive customer satisfaction, ensuring that existing customers felt valued while still welcoming new customers to the brand. 

Enter Emarsys!

Seeing the Impact

Since the platform went live in spring of 2021, Feel Good Contacts has used the Emarsys platform to accelerate these predictable, profitable business outcomes.

For starters, unsubscription rates have decreased thanks to the heightened personalisation that Emarsys enables. Having access to Emarsys’ historic and real-time data tools allows Feel Good Contacts to build unprecedented personalisation into its email marketing campaigns. This means customers can build a conversation with the brand that reflects their interests and behaviours.

What’s more, those conversations can occur across any channel the customer prefers, with a cohesive approach across all devices. An omnichannel engagement platform provides the centralization of data, insights and control needed to coordinate a truly individualized approach.

As a result, customers are actively providing positive feedback about the offers and communications they receive, while Feel Good Contacts benefits from increased retention, engagement, and ultimately brand loyalty.

From Email to Omnichannel Engagement

This success is indicative of the journeys of many innovative, confident businesses that have invested in technologies during the pandemic. Feel Good Contacts’ growth and popularity have enabled it to review and replace the elements of its martech stack that don’t suit its customers’ needs.

Switching from a single-channel to a multichannel platform is one of the most powerful upgrades a business can make in that situation because it removes the major obstacles between marketers and the consumers they want to reach.

With Emarsys, Feel Good Contacts gets far more than a replacement for its email service provider: it gets a fully fledged customer engagement platform.

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