The digital landscape is continually shifting, and consumer expectations are never far behind. As a result, the role of marketers in crafting next-level, personalized brand engagements has never been more important. 

But how can brands embrace the impact of technological change and adapt their marketing strategies, while staying true to their roots and maintaining the personal touch their customers have grown to love? 

At this year’s Power to the Marketer Festival, we’ll be embracing the challenges of modern marketing, exploring the powerful role AI plays in driving omnichannel personalization, and celebrating the work of marketers from around the globe. Read on to find out what’s in store. 

Tradition Meets Transformation: This Year’s Theme

The essence of marketing remains rooted in creating meaningful connections and memorable brand experiences—traditions that have stood the test of time. 

However, the methods through which these connections are forged are transforming at an unprecedented pace, driven by new marketing channels, advancements in AI, cutting-edge technologies leveraging it, and continual shifts in consumer behavior.

When old meets new, personalized connected experiences are formed, creating exceptional brand moments. This is the cornerstone of the 2024 Power to the Marketer festival’s theme: Tradition meets transformation. 

2024’s festival revolves around three key pillars:

  • Transforming through omnichannel experience and AI: Learn how breaking down silos, connecting customer, sales and product data, and leveraging AI can help you work smarter and exceed customer expectations. 
  • Elevating traditional marketing practices: Get inspired by real-world examples of how innovative marketers are creatively using content, channels and personalization to craft memorable brand experiences. 
  • Cultivating true customer loyalty: This is the ultimate goal of blending tradition and transformation. Discover how brands are investing in people, processes, and AI-powered technology to create strategies that turn customers into lifelong brand advocates. 
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When is Power to the Marketer Festival 2024? 

The 2024 Power to the Marketer festival is a year-long celebration of the innovative work of marketers in connecting tradition with transformation, with in-person and online events taking place throughout 2024

Featuring a blend of physical workshops, Q&A sessions and panel discussions, Power to the Marketer gives you the chance to meet like-minded marketers and learn in-person by attending events in cities near you. 

Don’t Miss the Omnichannel & AI Masterclass

Highlighting the festival calendar is a special digital event, scheduled for June 12th-13th. Promising to be the cornerstone of Power to the Marketer, this two-day event will deliver an immersive online experience where digital leaders discuss how they’re driving true customer loyalty through AI-powered omnichannel personalization. Here’s a snapshot overview of what our Omnichannel & AI Masterclass has in store for you:

Masterclass Day 1 (12th June) 

  • SAP Emarsys Roadmap & AI Product announcements 
  • Retail brand fireside chats 
  • Technology partner success stories 
  • Omnichannel excellence and execution strategy session 

Masterclass Day 2 (13th June) 

  • Consumer Products Industry Panel 
  • Retail brand fireside chats 
  • Technology partner success stories 

The full festival line-up and agenda will be announced on May 1st.

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Register Now for Power to the Marketer 2024

At Emarsys, we are dedicated to empowering marketers—whether it’s enhancing their creativity, resourcefulness, strategic thinking, or impact on growth and revenue. 

We believe that providing marketers with insights to achieve their goals and opportunities to forge strong connections with other successful marketers and business leaders is key to empowerment. The 2024 Power to the Marketer Festival aims to do just this. 

In this year’s festival, we’re gathering leading brands and top innovators from around the world to showcase the masterful work marketing teams perform daily, fusing tradition with transformation to drive tangible results for their businesses. It’s where creativity, personalization and human connection meet AI, automation, and unified customer data.

Join us—either in-person or online—to discover how the insights, strategies, and success stories shared at the event can empower you, the marketer, to get more power in your role.

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