It’s a Goal for Fan Experience

Thirty-two German championship titles, 20 DFB Cup victories, and six glorious triumphs in the Champions League — as an FC Bayern fan, I am in awe of their achievements. With a staggering 300,000 members, FC Bayern proudly claims to be the world’s largest sports club — and I am honored to be part of this family.

Growing up in Munich myself, I’ve been a supporter since I was a young kid, when I was lucky enough to meet my all-time favorite player who autographed my football. One of the most memorable matches for me was the game of Bayern vs. Girondins Bordeaux in 1996 in the final of the UEFA-cup in the famous Olympia-Stadium, and I will never forget the celebration of the cup win at the Marienplatz in Munich, and neither will many fans across the globe.

But what makes this club so special, and how do they manage to unite so many people worldwide? How do they inspire us fans to cheer our hearts out in the stadiums or in front of our screens? What fuels our anticipation for the next game, and how do we cope with defeat?

To get closer to their fans and understand their needs, FC Bayern is taking a bold step forward by leveraging the power of personalized marketing through the SAP Emarsys customer engagement platform. By tailoring their approach to the individual journey of each member, they are dedicated to uncovering every fan’s unique preferences and providing a tailored and fulfilling experience that will keep their loyal supporters connected to the club for years to come.

Reaching Fans, Wherever They Are, Through Omnichannel

Now, whether their fans are in the EU or on the other side of the world, in the stadium or online, and a lifelong or new supporter — FC Bayern will be able to reach them better than before. With SAP Emarsys, the club is taking personalized marketing to the next level — aiming and able to provide fans from all corners of the globe with the most relevant content and offers, exactly when they need them.

By leveraging the power of the SAP Emarsys platform, FC Bayern is able to centralize and analyze data, and structure it with the help of artificial intelligence. This enables the club to plan and execute personalized marketing campaigns with ease, rewarding loyal fans with tailored offers such as signed jerseys or meet-and-greets.

Even in the face of defeat, FC Bayern’s targeted marketing measures can lift fans’ spirits and keep them connected to the club they love. This level of personalization is a testament to FC Bayern’s unwavering commitment to its fans, no matter where they are in the world.

Michael Fichtner, CIO at FC Bayern, sums it up perfectly: “We want to interact with every member of the FC Bayern family in a meaningful and personal way. By investing in the right technology, we can strengthen our relationship with our fans as individuals and ensure that they always feel connected to the club they love.”

Being Crowned Fan Champions

As a fan, I cannot wait to experience the next level of personalized customer engagement, and as a member of the SAP Emarsys team, I know that the cutting-edge Emarsys technology will lead FC Bayern to the title of fan champions.

Scoring with trusted cooperation

SAP Emarsys is committed to taking the strong bond between FC Bayern and its fans to new heights. We are incredibly proud to be part of this massive community and to contribute to the football club’s exceptional success story. As Michael Fichtner puts it, this partnership is a win-win situation:

“Partnering with a top player like SAP Emarsys allows us to break down data silos and reach new heights through a centralized and integrated approach. We are delighted that the integration phase went seamlessly, and we can confidently say that SAP Emarsys is a trustworthy partner that brings the global FC Bayern family even closer together.”

Michael Fichtner, CIO, FC Bayern

Final Thoughts

At SAP Emarsys, we aim to bring power to the marketer to keep them better connected with their customers — and now, everyone who follows FC Bayern will be more connected than ever before.

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