For over 25 years, hmmh has supported companies around the globe in their digital processes. Based in Germany, with clients all over the world, they have been working with Emarsys since 2019, offering seamless integrations to their clients. They are currently working on more than twenty Emarsys projects. 

If you’ve been curious about how agencies and other partners integrate Emarsys into their mix of offerings, this hmmh partner case study gives you the perfect sneak peek into how Emarsys integrates seamlessly and why we’re a go-to for a growing list of trusted partners as they serve their clients. 

Partners Help Clients Solve Problems 

One of the key reasons partners like hmmh use Emarsys in their mix of offerings is that their clients come to them with issues like data that’s not integrated, marketing processes that are manual, or a lack of omnichannel engagement — all the areas where Emarsys excels.

Here’s what Amir, our Unit Director at hmmh had to say about the partnership:

“Emarsys is quite an easy sell, actually. Because when we show the customer what it can do and how it can benefit them, what the return on investment is, we get them convinced pretty easily.”

Amir Tchavoshinia, Unit Director, hmmh AG

When Brands Seek Out Agencies to Reach Their Goals

hmmh has found that without a few key pillars in place,  their customers’ marketing fails to get the results they’re hoping for. These include segmentation, personalization, and AI. That’s when hmmh suggests Emarsys’ capabilities. Whether it’s an integration with other systems like CRM, e-commerce platforms, or customer databases, or helping ideate personalized content based on segments, hmmh assists the client in integrating Emarsys with these systems and processes to improve their marketing efforts.

One such instance occurred when hmmh implemented Emarsys with their client BABOR. BABOR is a leading international lifestyle and beauty brand, while it remains a family business. They engaged hmmh to renew its martech. As part of the project, hmmh implemented the SAP Emarsys Marketing Automation solution.

Before this integration, BABOR was using various tools for communication with its B2C and B2B customers. These were partly standalone solutions that created a lot of manual effort. hmmh performed a data connection and data cleansing of previous systems, and they focused on automations. They implemented a new email template in SAP Emarsys for more successful email campaigns.

The results were swift and meaningful. With newly cleansed data in Emarsys and personalized communication to customers, hmmh helped BABOR to scale up personalization and improve ROI.

What Else Is Possible for Emarsys Partners?  

Whether you’re an agency looking for a powerful new tool for your toolbox, or a client with an agency looking for an omnichannel marketing solution that integrates smoothly into your existing martech, you’ll want to see the impressive results hmmh is creating for their clients every day. Read the partner case study here.