The Business

Retail, Media & Communications
Hong Kong

big big shop is an online shopping platform owned by Television Broadcasts Limited in Hong Kong.

The business sells across a wide range of product categories, including food, home goods, and as-seen-on-TV kitchenware using a “show-and-sell” approach. With nearly one million customers actively shopping online or in-app during television broadcasts, the company has been able to grow customers and drive repeat purchases in this new age of cross-channel shopping.

The Challenge

  • Fostering loyalty
  • Driving purchase frequency
  • Scaling personalized experiences
  • Understanding customers

The TV-based sales approach used by big big shop allows the business to quickly capture audiences’ attention and inspire an immediate purchase. During the pandemic, the business model was especially advantageous. As more people were watching TV and unable to go in store, big big shop had a unique opportunity to build customer loyalty through repeated purchases from newly acquired customers.

However, although the recent wave of instant purchasing brought about a surge of new customers, the brand was unable to fully capitalize on this increase because they lacked a solution for readily identifying shoppers and retaining loyal customers.

big big shop also needed better engagement strategies than the generic batch-and-blast emails they had been sending. Instead, they needed to communicate with customers on a personalized 1:1 level throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Because they lacked the technology needed to automate and scale customer journeys and personalization across channels, big big shop relied on manual and time-consuming processes.

The Solution

With Emarsys, big big shop was able to personalize communications to their customers across all lifecycle stages by delivering the right messaging and at the right time, all while driving revenue.

Gaining customer lifecycle insights and agility

Emarsys enabled big big shop to better understand their most loyal, high-value customers, and use first-party audiences across Facebook and Google to acquire new customers and further grow their CRM.

Customer insights from across their customer lifecycle led to better personalization across channels, including 1:1 recommendations on their website and mobile app.

After launching more than 15 omnichannel automations, the brand was able to grow and retain their customer base at scale, without having to increase internal resources. Pre-built industry use cases in the Emarsys platform — like abandon cart, abandon browse, and post-purchase surveys — helped the brand rapidly automate 40% of their revenue.

The Impact

With a wave of new customers engaging with the business during the COVID-19 pandemic, big big shop rapidly identified, converted, and retained both new and loyal customers beyond the pandemic. Using Emarsys, big big shop achieved the following results within 12 months of onboarding the solution:

+283% Number of orders within 6 months
+113% First purchases within 6 months
+96% Average Order Value within 6 months
+282% Active Customers within 6 months
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