• Global research reveals that martech platforms may be making marketers less, rather than more, productive, with 29% admitting they have too many tools in their martech stack
  • Enterprises are using an average of 91 marketing cloud services
  • Emarsys’ unPredictions report provides marketers with strategies for delivering personalized customer experiences, which lead to revenue and business impact

Indianapolis, US, February 28, 2022 — More than a third (35%) of marketers suffer from having multiple technologies that don’t integrate properly, according to research from customer engagement platform Emarsys.

Data from Emarsys’ unPredictions report found that while 80% of marketers consider personalization the key to both increased revenue and better customer experiences, more than a third (39%) are wasting too much time on technical and IT tasks – in fact, 46% devote more time to preparing and segmenting data than doing anything else.

When asked about their personalization efforts, almost a third (35%) say an inability to execute effectively across different channels is preventing agile marketing. 35% struggle with poor technology integrations, while more than a quarter (27%) blame their personalization woes on their inability to act on existing customer data.

As a result, marketing teams are plagued by inefficiencies, with enterprises using an average of 91 marketing cloud services. This is directly impacting the quality of data – 83% of executives acknowledge they have data silos, 97% of which believe those silos are negatively impacting business.

Despite the technical difficulties, 83% of marketers reported the use of AI to segment data as an important means of handling data, which suggests there is still a healthy appetite for martech technologies – they just need to be the right ones.

“The current excess of tech is a symptom of the idea that for any new problem or goal, all that’s needed is new software – but a martech stack shouldn’t be a scraping together of segregated pieces of information,” commented Meghann York, Global Head of Product Marketing, Emarsys. “While this approach may plug a few holes in the short term, the fragmented result will ultimately waste both time and money.

 “Marketing teams need unified software that prioritizes visibility and ease of use. Centralization of tools – and more importantly, of data – drives a greater understanding of the customer. When you combine that with AI to do the heavy lifting, you really start to unlock intelligent personalization.”

Emarsys will be attending eTail West on 1st & 2nd March, exploring the frustrations that marketers experience with bloated tech stacks and sharing solutions based on the unPredictions findings. To book a session with Emarsys at the event, you can click here.

To download the Emarsys unPredictions report, visit https://emarsys.com//.