With 70% of customers only using a mobile app once after downloading, Emarsys’s new solution promises to solve the problem of mobile retention 

Indianapolis IN — World-leading omnichannel customer engagement company Emarsys today launches a new personalization solution for mobile subscription-based businesses to improve customer loyalty and customer lifetime value. 

The use of mobile has skyrocketed since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the new technology from Emarsys directly addresses an enduring problem for businesses whose primary go-to-market channel is a mobile app: 70% of people who download an app only ever use it once, meaning businesses are struggling to drive repeat revenue and loyalty from their customer base. 

Emarsys’s mobile subscription solution works by enabling businesses to create unique, end-to-end, personalized digital content, services and journeys for each individual user at scale and in real time — fueled by each customer’s unified profile — overcoming the barrier between acquisition and retention. 

Chris Godderidge, VP mobile, Emarsys said: “Businesses who rely on selling through a mobile app are in a tricky position. After the initial app download, remaining relevant is a major challenge because you’re competing against so many other companies all vying for attention on a customer’s smartphone. 

“Our technology gives companies a major boost when it comes to capturing customers’ attention over and over again through effective one-to-one personalization. When a customer opens the app, everything they see is tailored exactly for them — delivering value immediately, while encouraging them to come back, remain loyal and spend more.” 

One such company that has been using Emarsys’s new mobile technology to great effect is Adidas Runtastic. Edit Dudás, head of CRM, Adidas Runtastic said: “With Emarsys, we have been able to address business challenges within our organization by gaining deeper insights on our customers. We are excited to take this journey together and be part of this solution, which will help mobile businesses win in this highly competitive sector. As a result of these insights and new capabilities, we now serve our community through a mobile-first approach by delivering millions of personalized messages every day — all within a single platform.” 

Emarsys launches this technology at a time when 62% of consumers (including a growing share of baby boomers) are using mobile devices to research or purchase products, according to Gartner. Even before the pandemic, mobile accounted for 70% of online advertising revenue in 2019 in the US, which is only set to increase since Covid-19’s existence, underlying mobile’s importance as a channel to reaching customers. 

Pamela Danziger, Forbes contributor, author and shopping expert said: “Never before has it been so important for brands to understand their customers — and gaining that understanding through mobile, and subsequently personalizing the experience has traditionally been challenging. The brands in the mobile subscription market now have the chance to overcome those challenges thanks to Emarsys’s technology.” 

The launch is part of Emarsys’s wider spring 2021 launch, which brings a host of new innovative features to its omnichannel customer engagement platform — helping brands around the world to deliver truly personalized omnichannel experiences that accelerate predictable and profitable outcomes. 

The new updates further enhance personalization, making more use of data in real time, improving omnichannel execution agility, and prioritizing actions that drive the most effective business outcomes. 

“In terms of personalization, Emarsys now offers a new combined segmentation experience with in-app actions, mobile inbox and web push. Where omnichannel execution agility is concerned, Emarsys offers an improved automation center with template push updates, transparent usage-based billing, single sign on and more. And to increase business outcomes confidence, Emarsys has improved the audience filtering on the strategic dashboard, while including SMS as of part of the revenue attribution feature.” 

The new updates will be available to all Emarsys customers in March 2021. There is a new ebook available called, “How to retain mobile app users and convert them into paying subscribers.”  Visit here to find out more.