Powered by real-time session and historical CRM data, new AI-optimized Web Channel solution adds websites to omnichannel experiences and boosts conversion rates by up to 400%

Berlin, GERMANY, Emarsys Revolution eventOctober 23, 2017Emarsys, the largest independent marketing platform company in the world, announces its new AI-optimized Web Channel product, strengthening its already deep and wide omnichannel personalization capabilities. Using this new Web Channel solution, which includes Emarsys AI Marketing (AIM) capabilities, Emarsys customers can transform their websites into highly-personalized communication channels that are also natively integrated into their omnichannel platform.

The ability to roll out personalized campaigns more effectively using AI capabilities and more closely integrating with other channels, such as email, social media, ads and mobile, allows customers to increase conversion rates, retention rates and repeat transactions, as well as convert anonymous online visitors into loyal users. Indicative results attained by clients include increases in conversion rates of up to 400% and doubling both the number of webpages interacted with per session and the length of the sessions themselves.

Emarsys clients already benefiting from the new AI-optimized Web Channel solution include global fashion retailers LUISAVIAROMA.COM and GERRY WEBER. Other early adopters include the largest storage marketplace in the United States, SpareFoot; Australia-based international fashion brand, Showpo; and Angela Bruderer, a leading Swiss household products and functional leisure clothing mail order company. For example, by targeting and treating website visitors differently with personalized content and offers, based on a clear understanding of their loyalty status through the CRM and real-time data, LUISAVIAROMA is now able to unlock the true value of their website.

“The value of our engagement with Emarsys is based on significant ROI achieved from the personalization and omnichannel experience that their platform provides. Optimization through additional embedded AI capabilities has only contributed further to this success,” said Nicola Antonelli, Head of Marketing at LUISAVIAROMA.COM. “It was therefore an easy decision for us to implement a new AI-optimized channel that would provide greater levels of engagement and personalization. Initial Web Channel campaigns have generated impressive results, including interaction with 100% more pages per session and 150% longer sessions. This resulted, most importantly, in a conversion rate 400% higher than before we implemented Emarsys Web Channel on our website.”

Emarsys is also announcing free availability of its proven AI-optimized Send Time Optimization solution, as well as launching its new Relational Data segmentation capabilities. Both deepen personalization capabilities on the Emarsys platform. Strong performance of Emarsys hype-free, tangible AI capabilities already being used by customers around the world supports the company’s strategy to vertically integrate AIM into its marketing platform. Emarsys is making STO freely available to its Automation Center clients to illustrate momentum of its AI capabilities and how human-driven personalization does not scale, but AI can.

The new Emarsys Web Channel solution is the next channel to benefit from the company’s AIM capabilities. It analyzes real-time session data and historical CRM data, allowing customers to further personalize marketing campaigns on websites using the Emarsys platform, whatever the device being used. By avoiding IT implementation costs through the native integration with the Emarsys platform, Web Channel provides maximum flexibility to customer websites for personalizing both content and delivery for new and existing visitors.

“On witnessing the phenomenal business impact of personalization, consumer-facing companies are racing today to embed it in their marketing strategy,” said László Merklik, newly appointed Chief Product Officer at Emarsys. “Realizing that website personalization is the future, our customers are now thinking beyond traditional point solutions and web-based options like A/B testing. With AI-optimized offerings, like Web Channel, Emarsys can help its customers broaden their personalized omnichannel marketing efforts across devices, better meet consumer demands and drive revenues.”

“Know how, the courage to implement innovative changes and an openness for new ideas are fuel for the engine behind GERRY WEBER´s success story,” said Jörg Aschendorff,
E-Commerce Team Leader at GERRY WEBER. “Emarsys Web Channel and the tangible, hype-free AI capabilities it includes are perfect examples of this fuel. We believe that greater personalization and a more integrated omnichannel experience will result in happier customers and even greater success for GERRY WEBER.”

“We believe that a more closely integrated omnichannel experience is fundamental to customer satisfaction and growth for Angela Bruderer,” said Jürg Thomann, Head of E-Commerce at Angela Bruderer. “We are highly confident that the omnichannel integration and greater personalization that the new Emarsys AI-optimized Web Channel solution will provide will be valuable to both our customers and our organization.”

“In particular, we’re excited to use the data we hold with Emarsys to unlock personalized experiences on our website using its new Web Channel solution, and roll out a truly integrated omnichannel experience for our customers,” said Mark Baartse, CMO at Showpo.

Bringing stronger personalization and segmentation capabilities across channels, Emarsys’ Relational Data product allows brands to maximize engagement by leveraging internal and external business-specific data to raise customer engagement. When targeting audiences through large-scale marketing campaigns, Relational Data will help B2C brands save time and resources by running hundreds of segmentation scenarios using a handful of segment templates.

Notes to editors:

  1. Availability: both Emarsys Web Channel and Relational Data are only currently available to select flagship and labs clients, until full release early in 2018. Send Time Optimization solution is freely available to all Emarsys clients who have Emarsys Automation Center.