What is a web channel?

Web channels are used by marketers to display personalised content on their websites based on real-time customer behaviour and engagement.

Customer information available in Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) or Customer Engagement Platforms (CEPs) is used alongside real-time session data and historical CRM data, to build personalised web campaigns that appear at the right moment for the right audience.

By optimising and personalising their websites, businesses can drive engagement, increase conversions, and build lasting relationships with customers.

How does web channel work?

Web channel allows marketers to create multiple campaigns targeting specific customer segments by displaying personalized HTML content on their websites.

When visitors belonging to the segment land on a website they see customized content designed specifically for them. Marketers can select the group of pages where they want to display this content as well as the frequency at which you want it to appear.

What are the different types of web channel campaigns?

Overlay Campaign: With an Overlay Web Channel campaign marketers can catch their visitor’s attention by displaying an extra layer over their web sites.

Using Visual Editor or HTML Editor marketers can select from pre-created layouts and apply Overlay campaigns to:

  • Update existing customers via forms
  • Reactivate your inactive customers
  • Add personalized product recommendation
  • Re-engage your leaving visitors
  • Allow your visitors to opt-in re-permissioning
  • Create a contact acquisition campaign

Embedded Campaign: An Embedded type Web Channel campaign replaces a selected web page element on your website with your personalized message.

Using the Visual Editor or HTML Editor, you can display various types of content for different customer segments on your page. For example, marketers can use this type of campaign to:

  • Reactivate churning customers.
  • Place an image banner to reactivate inactive customers

Ribbon Campaign: The Ribbon campaign displays a narrow ribbon, only minimally affecting a visitors’ browsing experience, which is a less intrusive campaign type. The ribbon is displayed at the top or bottom of the page or follows the user’s scrolling.

Using the Visual Editor or HTML Editor you can select from pre-created layouts and apply a Ribbon campaign to:

  • Remind visitors about an ongoing offer
  • Share a personal voucher code that is about to expire
  • Display a general cookie notification

Why use web channel?

Web Channel enables marketers to connect their websites to all their available customer information, including offline and multi-channel interactions, to give customers exactly what they’re looking for, turn anonymous visitors into loyal customers and increase customer base and revenue.

The benefit of applying Web Channel campaigns is that it allows marketers to drive retention and repeat purchases by providing a personalized experience to website visitors.

Powering web channel campaigns with Emarsys

Emarsys works with leading brands like PUMA, Pizza Hut, and Total Tools to increase their acquisition, purchase frequency, average order value, and retention by unifying their customer, sales, and product data and enabling personalized web channel campaigns.