With Black Friday 2021 being primarily digital this year, mobile and email were among the channels to see a huge increase in use from brands that work with Emarsys.

Indianapolis IN, 2021 — Based on stats from omnichannel customer engagement company Emarsys, this year’s Black Friday saw a huge increase in the use of digital marketing channels by Emarsys customers, compared with 2020, as retailers brought Black Friday to consumers in their homes via their laptops, smartphones, and other devices. 

Driven by lingering Covid-19 concerns and heavy digital transformation over the past year, data from the Emarsys platform shows that over the Black Friday sales period (Friday 26th to Cyber Monday 29th inclusive), Emarsys customers sent over 3.5 billion messages from all channels, including email messages, SMS, push notifications, and in app. This was broken down further into over 3.3 billion emails (up 39%) and 198 million push notifications via mobile apps. Additionally, Emarsys saw over 637 million email opens via their platform (up 101%). 

With brands seeking to be more agile and personalized in their digital campaigns this Black Friday, real-time event triggers powered by Emarsys (digital campaign triggers based on individual customer behavior) were also up by 70% to over 1.1 billion.

2021 has been another turbulent year for all, making this Black Friday an even more important event for brands — with many relying on the Friday-to-Monday sales period to further boost revenue.

Sara Richter, CMO at Emarsys, said: “Various lockdowns throughout the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to rely on ecommerce, and with countries across the globe still feeling the effects, many consumers have not looked back. As a result, our customers nailed their digital promotions this Black Friday, and Emarsys supported them in sending over 3.5 billion messages* via our platform. Seeing the opportunity in front of them this Black Friday, brands globally have left nothing to chance. Many have harnessed the power of martech to personalize the experience, ensuring customers were targeted with the right messages at the right time through the right channels — perfectly in line with consumer habits, demands, and preferences. Consequently, AI and personalization have played a bigger role than ever before, and Emarsys is proud to have helped retailers step up to the challenge.”

Black Friday weekend from 26th to 29th Nov. inclusive:

*Between Friday and Monday, we’ve sent more than 3.5 Billion messages (3,607,806,484)

*Between Friday and Monday, we’ve sent more than 3.3 Billion emails (3,356,710,707)

*Messages = messages from all channels (Email Messages + SMS + Push Notifications + In App)