Following the success of last year’s Retail Renaissance, this year’s digital festival, running 15-17 June 2021, will draw on experts within the retail industry to explore how to grow with first-party data, real-time customer data and omnichannel personalization

World-leading omnichannel customer engagement company Emarsys today announces its new digital festival Retail Revival, helping retail brands to “put the customer back into commerce” as the world tentatively reopens once more:

  • Event: Emarsys Digital Festival: Retail Revival 2021
  • What: Virtual event featuring five themes plus hands-on product training, interactive experiences, + more
  • Who: Sessions from leading marketers, brands and industry analysts
  • When: June 15th to 17th 2021
  • Where: Register now at

As brands prepare for the return of customers to stores, they are now armed with significantly more behavioral and preference data than ever before, thanks to the shift to ecommerce during the pandemic. Neither consumers nor brands will abandon the advantages of this new world of digitally driven retail. 59% of businesses globally say their customers are now completing discovery to purchase journeys via a mobile device.

The challenge facing retailers now, however, is how to capitalize on that customer data to improve both the online and in-store experience — ultimately to drive loyalty and profit. But brands admit that their experiences online and offline are fragmented, and that keeping up with customer demands is a challenge.

In the face of these challenges, Emarsys’s Retail Revival festival will draw on the expertise of Emarsys customers and retail analysts to explore how brands can unlock the value of first-party customer data to drive loyalty and profit. The three-day online event will cover everything from cross-channel marketing and personalization, to email marketing and real-time customer engagement.

Commenting on the event, Sara Richter, chief marketing officer, Emarsys said: “Last year we celebrated a retail renaissance as retailers re-invented and re-imagined themselves in the midst of unprecedented change.

“But if 2020 was at times a year of attempting to stay afloat, 2021 invites us to adapt and acclimatize to a new world of digital-first retail. Despite health crises, data regulations and the demise of third-party cookies, brands can still deliver remarkable, customer-led experiences that drive predictable, profitable outcomes if they have the right leadership, mindset and technology in place. Let’s put the customer back into commerce!”

Registration for the event is now open. More details, including speakers and topics, will be revealed on the Retail Revival website over the coming weeks.